10 best hiking trails in the world, you need to explore

Do you need to know the best hiking trails in the world?

Yes of course, because planning for the best hiking place requires months of planning and worth of money in returns. You may read some books and journals to explore the top spot to visit around the globe.

I had asked many bloggers, travelers and tour guides what they think is the best place to hike in.

After months of research, I am able to list down the top picks of the best hiking trails in the world. In this article, we will look at the most unique, thrilling, challenging, and beautiful hiking trails around the globe.

best hiking trails in the world

- best hiking trails in the world

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Everest base camp trekKathmandu Nepal given that only a few thousand people have successfully reached the summit of the famous MountEverest. It’s safe to say that this iconic climb is not for everyone that being said for those who want to see the iconic natural landmark firsthand.

The14-day trek from Katmandu to the base of Everest is a journey on its own. The hike will take you through some truly stunning scenery isolated monasteries, small rural villages, and across bridges that are sure to give you vertigo as you ascend to an altitude of seventeen thousand six hundred feet.  It’snot a cheap trip by any means but it’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience

- best hiking trails in the world

Petra Dana to Petra, Jordan

Petra requires no introduction to this fabulous City, (the one-time capital of the Nabataean Empire) long lost to all. The local Bedouin people are an archaeological destination that attracts the curious from around the world. Most people simply take a bus to get there but this track definitely makes for a more memorable approach.

- best hiking trails in the world

National Park, Newzealand

It takes five to six days depending on your fitness level and guides the trek to Petra reportedly follows an old Caravan route and enters the ancient city of Petra via a back door. You will marvel at sandstone monoliths navigate gorges and skirt ridges. As you marvel at the history of the Wadi Rum desert.

If you have a burning desire to track the best hiking places in the world, mount aspiring national parks to fiord land national parks in New Zealand is one of the best hiking trails in the world. You have never seen anything like the route burn track pretty much guaranteed the joy to visit.  

Fiord land national park this hike isn’t particularly long. It’s just under 20 miles from start to finish. But what it lacks in duration it more than makes up for with its natural majesty and the diversity of its rain along the way.

You will walk through moss-covered forests cross swing bridges follow the route burn Gorge and its accompanying River pass waterfalls and marvel at the surrounding mountains. This is a natural paradise and a living testament to the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand.

- best hiking trails in the world

Yen Levada, Sweden

You are probably going to want to make more than one hiking trip to this area of Sweden that or commit a month of your life to explore. The Coombs Laden which translates to King’s trail so that you can explore this natural gem in its entirety kun Schleiden measures just under 300 miles.

 It is typically broken down into a number of separate hikes to make it less daunting. Whichever sections you choose to explore you’re sure to find yourself awestruck by your surroundings from alpine terrain to birch forests. There is a lot to see with mountain cabins in every 6 to 12 miles or so you’ll have trouble picking an endpoint.  

- best hiking trails in the world

Tora Del Paine national park, Patagonia, Chile

The breathtaking torrid Alpine a national park of Chilean Patagonia plays host to roughly a quarter million visitors every year. Though there are day hikes available for more casual tourists and an eight to nine-day full-circle trail the five to seven days. The whole route is without a doubt the most popular and talked about.

It is easy to understand why the trek which frequently appears on bucket lists of hikers the world overtakes you past lakes, Glaciers, Mountains, and rivers as well as a stunning mixture of flora, and fauna. It is roughly 15 miles of hiking a day so it isn’t for the inexperienced but it’s certainly a trip worth training.

- best hiking trails in the world

Hawaii, USA

USA is one of the countries enrich with beautiful natural parks, mountains, lakes, and trails. Hawaii widely considered being one of the top hiking trails in the US and world. This trail is only 11 miles long 22 round-trips but every single foot of it will take your breath away running along the Napali coast, dipping into valleys, and passing caves.

The trail offers the sorts of views that will have you rubbing your eyes and disbelief that being said you’ll want to stay alert. It is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. You will often be hiking along narrow Cliffside paths and the beaches the lovely have strong tides so enjoy but Trek and swim carefully.

- best hiking trails in the world

Tour du Mont Blanc

France Italy and Switzerland looking to do a little tour of Europe. You can visit three countries on this hike alone. This well-trod circuit takes hikers across the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland through a plethora of environments including forests, Meadows, mountain passes, and glacial valleys.

There is culture to be found along the way – as the tool de Mol bla also brings you into a number of quaint mountain villages including Lelouch leone and Lefou Club. Among others stretching 110 miles and taking you around the highest peak in Europe.

- best hiking trails in the world

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Appalachian Trail

Springer Mountain Georgia,  USA do you think you have what it takes to hike the Appalachian Trail in its entirety fair warning at 2,000 190 miles long. It’s a serious roughly half-year commitment which many attempts but few complete. Thankfully there are plenty of points where you can jump on and off along the way.

For those looking to simply tackle a portion of the trail on their own terms given that it’s the single longest foot trail in the world. The fact that it passes through 14 different states of the US.

It is hard to generalize about the trail but if you’re interested in getting a sweet taste of America’s world-famous wilderness the Appalachian is waiting for you.

- best hiking trails in the world

Mount Kilimanjaro Moshi, Tanzania

There are a number of routes that can be taken to reach the peak of Tanzania’s famous Mount Kilimanjaro.  They are more twisting and also take a longer way to reach out to the peak of the mountains. It is not only is the mountain guru quicker it also comes with the added perk of huts to sleep in rather than tent camping. Regardless of which route you take to the top of Kilimanjaro or guru peak your infra once-in-a-lifetime experience

- best hiking trails in the world

Inca trail Cusco,  Peru

It is widely considered to be one of the most remarkable hikes in the world. The Inca Trail has the added bonus of carrying you to a world-renowned destination Machu Picchu. The iconic Inca ruins like Kilimanjaro the Inca trail refer to a number of distinct but overlapping trails mullah Fatah one day and classic the latter being the most popular.

Whichever route you choose you’ll be passing incredible visit experiencing lush forests, and jungle.  Of course, it ruins the journey to Machu Picchu is according to many every bit as breathtaking as the final destination.