Best arch support hiking shoes to look in 2020

Are you are looking for the best arch support hiking shoes and confused about how to pick the best one for your outdoor terrain. If you are living in an area where you love to go for outdoor adventure, shoes for hiking is one of the high rated essential.

If your shoes are not comfortable to feet will destroy your mood to drive forward. When you are on an outdoor tour you have to carry a backpack for hours with heavy load and it exerts high pressure on shoulders and foot. Your outdoor activities need to be supported by the best hiking shoes to get an ideal tour.

What makes shoes best for hiking?

Every hiking shoemaker keep the preferences of their users to manufacture shoes in different styles, design, and approaches. There are several parameters to select which pair of shoes is best for you. It depends on your goals (terrain, climbing, or simply hiking), time (short day hike or multiday hike) and an area where you want to go (Mountains, woods, muds).

As for hiking, it is important to try out shoes that best fit in your feet because if your feet are comfortable your journey will be comfortable. This list of shoes does not exhaust by any mean but provide you a checklist of best arch support hiking shoes. So, after checking out the list, if you find one for your feet then go for it.

Best arch support hiking shoes for men

Salomon X Ultra 3 Men’s Hiking Shoes

Salomon X Ultra 3 Men s Hiking Shoes

I know what you are probably thinking of Salomon a well-known name for running shoes. They had launched a new variety of hiking shoes with ultra design and features. Salomon x ultra 3 men’s hiking shoes are good all-around hiking shoes and you can use them for multiple purposes. You will find extravagant features like comfortability, durability, arch support and proper grip in one. If you are a medium trail guy or planning for short travel then you should pick Salomon X ultra.

The aggressive terrain on the bottom sole allows you to go for mountain climbing, uphill and downhill without the worry of being fallen or injured. The cross deep lugs firmly grip the surface and prevent your feet from stones, pebbles, and other hurdles. Now you are not afraid of tied up laces to keep your shoes fit in properly because of the speed lacing system. Heel protector, toe protector, and inner sole provide the best support to your feet arch to move forward in pace.

Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 for men 

- Best arch support hiking shoes

If you are looking for the best hiking shoes that provide cushions for your feet for day-long try out Hoke one one speed goat. The best thing about these shoes is when you walking through woods or mountains your feet remain in the middle of cushions that protect heel and toe.

These shoes for hiking help you to carry your hiking trip for hours without hurting your feet.  The breathable and water-repelling upper keep your feet dry in any condition. The runner outsole with multidirectional lugs firmly grip the surface and assist your feet to move forward without being fallen.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex CC Voyager Parley Legend

Adidas Outdoor Terrex CC Voyager Parley Legend

Sometimes you have to face unusual scenarios of wet condition or you walk through from the water in hiking. You need waterproof hiking shoes that keep your feet dry. You are not probably like a pair of shoes from which water drains quickly whenever you are walking alongside a rive, wet rocks or steamy streams.

The outsole contains ports that cross water easily while sticky traction lugs firmly grip the flat as well as a slippery surface. The breathable polyester fabric does only provide durability but also prevents your feet from fungal infections with quick dry.

Oboz Bridger Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe – Men’s

Oboz Bridger Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

Most of the reviews on the internet provide you the best shoes for hiking for mountains and trail through flat surfaces. Oboz Bridger Low b hiking shoes are traditionally designed for walking through woods, forests, muds, and nuts. The upper is not made from synthetic leather but formed with rich texture leather material.

If you have wide feet and unable to find the best hiking shoes for wide feet Oboz bridge is a perfect choice. The pattern of lugs is similar to the tire of a truck. The wide toe box supported by high tractional lugs of the outsole for grip,  make it even better hiking gear.

La Sportiva TX4 Approach arch support hiking shoes

La Sportiva TX4 Approach arch support hiking shoes

What if you are on a multiday trip and you feel bad feet when return? You will not like hiking shoes that do not provide you comfort. La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoe with highly engineered outsole cutting edge design supports mountain climbing and trail running. The waterproof lining keeps your feet dry and fresh to carry your trip all day long.

A mesh lining is included, which protects the foot from all elements. Finished with a rubber toe cap that gives extra protection in rocky terrain, the uppers are built with long approaches in mind to give a lightweight but protected fit. The lacing system of this shoe takes inspiration from La Sportiva’s long history of cutting-edge climbing shoes and can be used in the mountains quickly and easily.


After reading out the list of arch support hiking shoes I hope you will find a better choice to deal with. Generally, hiking is a high impact outdoor activity depends on the condition of feet. Hiking shoes are designed to support the anatomy of your feet and let you carry your backpack for extra miles without the hesitation of being injured.

Al the product is tested and analyzed by co experts and colleagues including me. Because I let you determine how a specific gear can hold your feet and how they enhance your comforts.

If you consider this information is valuable one feel free to share it in your circle. If you want to let us address your specific query please comment below.