Why you need to know best bedside table lamps?

Why do we need a lighting lamp? Is it important to have a bedroom nightstand lamp? These are some basic questions you ask before you are thinking to buy a lamp. You always need lamps in your bedroom whether you are reading books or playing games on your mobile. The best bedside table lamps can protect your eyes from the period of light and shade and project light upwards.

best bedside table lamps 

Whenever you are going to find a set of nightstand lamps it requires extensive research and rollover clutter of information that leaves you stressful. Lighting side table lamp for bedroom categorize on the base of design, style, height, width, light it, and color. First of all, you have to write down your preferences to a notebook with relative to these features to shop the best lamp for room decor.

Who Invented the Modern Days Electric lamp?

A table lamp/Electric lamp was invented by Mr. Humphry Davy in mid of the 19th century. He used batteries connected to rods of carbon through wires. When he turned on the button carbon started glowing and produced light. He named this lamp an inverted arc lamp.

Lighting lamps are considered an efficient source of lighting in every phase of human history. We often observe the use of lighting lamps in office, home, and industries as well. The shape, design, and functionality of lamps progressed with the evolution of technology. Now modern day lighting lamps are dynamic in style, efficient to use and smaller in size. It has been a long journey since the first lamp was invented for an advanced bedroom nightstand.

Evolution of sources used for light

In this phase of the article, we will touch the phases of using energy sources in a lighting object. From old days natural light to using torch lamps, with the invention of the candle to modern days LED lamps are all key points of our discussion to clear the query of why we need lamps as lighting sources.

Natural Light

Natural light is also known as daylight is sourcing from natural objects like sun and stars. In this technique light from the sun is directly enters your room through windows and rooftops. These resources bring an efficient amount of light on the glare interior of your home/building. Natural light makes architecture more efficient to connect humans with nature, interior, and exterior.

Natural light is one of the unappreciated sources of getting light for lightning. But in the old days, it considered a mainstream objective to use maximum daylight. Ancient cultures like GREECE and EGYPT briefly designed their buildings and homes to take advantage of daylight to perform their daily routine work.

In Egypt region daylight experienced a good amount of appreciation because they usually built their building with a minimum size of wall and roof opening. They prevented their buildings from the glaze of daylight and only radical with handsome light from the sun. In contrast to Egyptian culture, Greek culture designed their building in a way to get direct light from the sun through big doors and open windows.

If we took the example of a Roman masterpiece of architecture “Pantheon” in itself a great source of using natural light. The building of Pantheon is almost planned around an open-air circle at the top of the dome enable significant light to enter the building.

Torch Lights

When you go through history science it can bring into being that torch lights progressed when the first light source sit down about 70, 000 years ago. At that time torch lights supported lightning cradles and made through inflammable material outside and some fuel material inside.

Grass with other small branches used for fuel and sparkled by rich fats of animal derivatives while hollow rock or other inflammable material for outer protection. Building mount torch lights and handlers progressed based on the same principle. The difference was only that oil, wax or other material used for fuel surrounded by ignitable material.

Candle lights

Candle/ wick material is originated from ancient Egyptian and Roman culture. They were using beeswax and derivatives of animal fats for wax purposes. With the progression of technology in the early 15th century, Asian colonies drive wax from the fats of the whale.

Gas Lamps

The 16th century is familiar with the growth of the industrial sector. With regulation and advancement in technology, all traditional lamp sources were replaced by Gas Lamps. In the year 1790 England was the country to use a gas lamp for the first time. If you read the history of American culture it can be noteworthy that Mr. William Muradoch was the first who introduced Americans with these Lamps.

Philadelphia was the first American state to install these lamps for street lighting purposes and hence, the first commercial use of Gas Lamps. After that, it seemed to progress in different phases with the exploration of different gases like Methane, archetype, butane, and hydrogen as natural gas resources.

Electric Lamp

Now human society entered the modern phase of the industrial revolution in the 20th century. The first electric was introduced by Mr. Humphy Davey when he used to glow carbon rods with a bunch of battery resources for energy production. This lamp was then pronounced as an Arc lamp and registered under the inventor’s name.

Above all invention, Thomas Edison is the person, who completely altered the dynamics of lightning by inventing indecent light bulbs. Then these bulbs replaced by carbonized bamboo filaments enabled them to use for a longer period up to 1200 hours. These bulbs were used for industrial, home, office, street light and for every indoor/outdoor purpose.

LED Lights

As we arrived in the 21st century the infrastructure of lightning lamps completely go beyond the imagination. Technological advancement changes the face of lightning sources with the invention of LED. These bulbs can produce a high quality of light inefficient way.

LED lights can cost you more than traditional lightning bulbs but you will get a return on your investment in the long term. These bulbs can use lesser power to glow and as a result lower your cost of power generation.

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Things to look while choosing the best beside table lamp

How many lamps should be?

This is the first periodic question influences the point of purchasing for the right lighting lamp you have to place in your room space. We have to follow the rule of thumb that that nightstand lamp space should measure between one third and two-thirds of the width of your mattress. Concerning two shades meet on these lighting lamps one third considered being an ideal.

Should the modern bedside table lamps match?

It all depends on your requirements and the space you have allocated in your bedroom. Usually, people used to select lamps based on small chairs, bedside tables, or desks where it can be placed. Before choosing a side table lamps for your bedroom we should always remember the size rule. Height and width should comply with the size standard by Thumb Rule.

How wide a lamp should be?

According to shade rule, those lamps have a 6 inches base, shade should be 12 inches wide. if you need to buy an ideal lamp for your bedroom you should also follow visual AIDS from experts. To get the scale in a better way always go for nightstand lamps that meet your mattress structure. Along with your bedroom side lamps, floor lamps should place across for a better class of light in your room.

How tall should be the best lamp for the bedroom?

The wideness and height of the bedroom lamp should measure in the meantime of measuring wideness. If you are a book reader and want a lamp on beside your table always analyze the height of nightstand equal to your mattress or somehow a few inches high. Let assume your bed has 21 inches height, the nightstand will be 24 inches high and lamps will 27 inches.

Placement of lamp Stand

During interior decor, every feature should adjust very carefully. A small mistake can ruin the beauty of your room. Alongside all eye-catching effects which add supplementary value to the magnificence look of your room nightstand lamp also plays its part. Most of the people located lighting lamps near to their excess point where they can reach easily without any difficulty.

Plugin Switches should also be installed within a space under your arm length so that you can switch on/off your lamp without hurting yourself or falling out from your bed. A switch installs right on the cod is an ideal way to use.

How does style feature in the selection of nightstand lamp?

The right combination of all items beautifies your room, the style of modern-day lamps are also dynamic. Elegant pieces of stuff for decoration can deliver you an enhanced experience of functionality for your designated purpose. It all depends on what color you need, what shape suits you better, and what size is ideal.

A modern-day room nightstand lamp offers you a choice of a wide range of styles. You can choose from simple design to ambient design, from adjustable option to Illuminator option. Hence, they fulfill all of your requirements which one you want according to your specific drive.[smartslider3 slider=4]

Favorite table lamps for the bedroom in 2020

Brightech Grace LED USB Bedside Table Lamp

  • A gorgeous modern lamp that looks great with any décor.
  • Neutral linen shade that hovers over a petite base (5 x 5 inches) of solid wood.
  • You can charge any electronic device through an easy-access USB port.
  • It is a perfect side table lamp that gives off soft room lighting.
  • This Table Lamp includes a 9.5 Watt power-saving LED light to make it efficient.

Dale Tiffany Crystal Table Lamp for bedroom

  • Brewars 24% Lead Crystal Table Lamp is a sumptuous addition to any room.
  • The luxurious fixture features a large crystal teardrop surrounding the center column.
  • Crafted of 24% lead crystal and faceted in a crosshatch pattern.
  • the teardrop sits atop a flared crystal pedestal that is faceted in a reeded pattern.
  • A round pedestal base finished in gleaming Antique Brass.
  • A flared white fabric shade with wide seams and borders to enhance beauty.

Aspen Creative Bell Shaped Lamp for a side table

  • Ivory finish with Champagne Gold finish base.
  • Lampshade Color & Type – off white Linen fabric, Bell-shaped lampshade.
  • Lamp shade size – 8 1/2 inch top x 18 inch bottom x 12 1/2 inch slant height.
  • On/off switch, uses a medium base light bulb, 100 watts ma.,
  • Aspen Creative table lamps are perfect as a bedside table reading lamp.

Theron Traditional Table Lamp

  • Overall: 27 1/2″ high. The base is 5″ square. The shade is 8″ across the top x 15 1/2″ across the bottom x 9 1/2″ on the slant.
  • Takes one maximum 150-watt standard base bulb (not included). On-off socket switch.
  • Traditional urn table lamp on pedestal base by Barnes and Ivy.
  • Highly detailed base with diamond and scale patterns; crafted from cast resin.
  • Antique gold finish with bronze accents; flared bell lamp shade. Clear cord and plug.

Lite Source Savoir Faire Nightstand Lamp

  • Individual table lamp from Lite Source
  • Beige fabric shade with a floral print
  • The base is antique gold with glass deco finish
  • Uses 1 150-watt incandescent type A bulb
  • Lamp measures 29-1/2 by 16-1/2 inches; the shade is 10-1/2 by 16-1/2 inches

Shonna Traditional table lamp in bedroom

  • Overall: 27″ high. Shade is 7 1/2″ wide on top x 17″ bottom x 11″ high.
  • Uses one maximum 150-watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off switch on socket.
  • Traditional jar table lamp from the Barnes and Ivy brand.
  • Blue and white bird and branch motif. Porcelain construction.
  • White flared bell lamp shades with self-trim.

Arden Traditional Table Lamps

  • Set of 2 lamps: each is 25″ high overall. Shades are 10″ across the top x 12″ across the bottom x 9″ on the slant. Bases are 5″ wide.
  • Each lamp takes a maximum of the 100-watt bulb (not included); on-off socket switches.
  • Set of two mercury glass lamp bodies with a twist pattern. From the Regency Hill collection of table lamps.
  • Brushed nickel finishes accents.
  • White empire bell lamp shades with brushed nickel finish ball finials.

Bird Moderne bedroom nightstand lamps

  • Overall: 15 1/2″ high. The shade is 6″ across the top x 8″ across the bottom x 7 1/2″ high. Weighs 2.09 lbs.
  • Takes one maximum 60-watt standard base bulb.
  • Bird Modern farmhouse small accent lamp, ideal for a side or bedside table; from 360 lightings.
  • Farmhouse crackles bronze-brown two-tone finish.
  • Natural burlap hardback shade.

Brightech Circle – LED Bedroom Nightstand Lamp

  • Bedroom night table reading lamp dims to night light.
  • This small lamp looks great with urban, modern and “light-touch” décor.
  • USB Port allows you to charge phones, tablets, etc.
  • This small lamp uses built-in LEDs, and LEDs don’t produce heat.

Coastal Accent small table lamps for bedroom

  • Set of 2 fillable table lamps. Each is 21 3/4″ high overall. Shades are 11″ across the top x 12″ across the bottom x 9″ high.
  • Each takes one maximum 100-watt standard base bulb.
  • A clean and modern look from the 360 Lighting brand.
  • Shells are included or fill with your own decorative accents.
  • Brushed steel finish pedestal base, clear glass lamp body, tapered drum shades with finials.

Aston Coastal best bed lamps

  • Set of 2 blue glass lamps: each is 27″ high overall. Bases are 6 3/4″ wide. Shades are 12″ across the top x 14″ across the bottom x 11″ high. Each weighs 8 lbs.
  • Each uses one maximum 100-watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off socket switches.
  • Contemporary glass table lamps by the by 360 Lighting brand.
  • Frosted blue glass bases. Brushed steel finish metal accents.
  • Classic white tapered drum shades with ball finials.

Cordless Battery Operated Lamps

  • Stylish, handy and lightweight design, ideal free standing night light,
  • Battery Operated Night Lights with Motion Sensor,
  • Battery operated table lamps powered by 3 pcs AA batteries,
  • Small Desk Lamps deliver Warm White light without taking up too much space,

Todd Table Lamp with USB

  • 30″ high overall. The bottom base is 9″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep. Rectangular shade is 16″ wide x 9″ deep x 10 1/2″ high. Weighs 3.1 lbs.
  • Uses one maximum 100-watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off socket switch.
  • Contemporary modern USB table lamp from 360 Lighting.
  • Bronze finish over metal construction. Black finish metal pedestal base. Rectangular oatmeal fabric shade.
  • Built-in 2 amp USB port and an electrical outlet on the base. 8-foot long brown cord and plug.

Zax Cottage Accent Table Lamp

  • Overall: 19 1/2″ high. Shade is 11″ across the top x 13″ across the bottom x 9″ high.
  • Takes one maximum 100-watt bulb (not included). On-off switch on socket.
  • Mercury glass table lamp; a fresh modern look from the 360 Lighting brand.
  • Teardrop-shaped lamp base.
  • Grey poly blends fabric lampshade.

Baroque Accent modern lamps for bedrooms

  • Each lamp overall: 20″ high. The shade is 9 1/2″ wide.
  • Each uses one maximum 60-watt standard base bulb (not included). In-line on-off switch.
  • Set of two Baroque, antique style accent table lamps from 360 Lighting.
  • Clear, see-through look, acrylic construction.