5 best exercises for back posture for Reliable results

Best exercises for back posture are a great source of relief if you are feeling consistent upper shoulder pain, tiredness in neck muscles or headaches. Because of the offensive and harsh work routine, people are claiming consistent back pain and muscle tidiness which leads us to bad back posture problems.  are some of the consequences of a bad posture.

Good posture corrector

When people have bad posture they always come to see the therapist without realizing the factors of cause. We often read articles to educate us about bad posture, take expert advice for good posture exercises for back, and review, posture corrector. 

What is the posture?

Posture is a long term health partner because it summarizes the attitude of nonverbal movement of your body. It is actually the position of the backbone curve to attain the normal association of muscles.

The natural curve of the backbone lets you look great while standing stationary or standing tall.

There are two kinds of postures that a human body have; 1) Dynamic posture (when you are moving, running, walking or working out), 2) Static posture (When you stand or sit still)

What is a good posture and a bad posture?

A good posture is when the backbone of your body lets you correct the position of muscles to prevent severe pain problems. In a good posture, the ears should be right on top of shoulders, shoulders should lean back and chest stands straight high.

If you see how many people have the right posture while standing, walking, sitting or working out? We must say not many of us have the right position of our upper back. When shoulders start rounding a little bit, gravity pulls the head forward, the tip of ear way out from the tip of the shoulder is called a bad posture.

What are the main reasons to have a bad posture?

There are many reasons lead you to a bad posture position. When sitting in front of the desktop and gazing the screen beneath your eyes you unknowingly fall into bad posture. During the smartphone usage, you always bend down the head to grasp the screen gadgets. While reading a book when you are on the bed, the head position towards the book leaned downward also embroil you to have bad posture.

What are the consequences of a bad posture?

Our body is an early adaptor and relates the muscles according to the movement that we are involving them. When muscles of our body are in shorten position they tend to tighten the body, if they are in lengthen position tend to weaken the natural dynamics.
Oftentimes you don’t feel “poor posture” but you certainly feel the effects from it.

If you carry a large amount of tension in your neck and shoulders, get neck pain regularly, or experience tension headaches your posture certainly could be playing a role.

The upper, middle and lower muscles of the backbone start losing the natural position. Your body starts losing the grip and development of an erroneous position. As a result of all this, you will feel persistent back pain, headache, muscle tidiness, and shoulder pain.

What type of posture do I have?

types of body postures

Healthy Postures:

If you are doing anything with your legs, trunk or shoulders A healthy posture can give biomechanical advantages. An S-shaped inward curved core position of spinal is called a natural/healthy posture. The natural joint position allows you to lean, sit, stand or sleep without exerting extra pressure on the spinal movement.

Kyphosis Posture:

The lower lumber of the spinal cord when having a curved-forward hump-like shape is called kyphosis. Some of the causes of kyphosis include; compression fractures, degenerative changes, altered biomechanics, and muscular weakness. Excess of kyphosis can cause lungs problem, limited the physical functions, and persistent back pain.

Flatback Posture:

When the lower spinal joint loses grip with the pelvis and straightens the S-shaped normal curve is known as Flatback. The spine becomes imbalance and the patient leans forward can cause muscle fatigue and pain.

Sway Back Posture:

The abnormal shape of the back when pelvis comes in front of the center of gravity of the spinal cord and causes hyperextension of the hip. The poor strategy of sitting, sleeping on the stomach, lack of stretching, and poor gluteal muscle group function are some of the major causes. Posture exercises, massage therapy, biomechanics training and/or weight control are some of the therapies suggested by therapy specialists.

Forward Head Posture:

Forward head posture occurs when muscles have to work more to hold up head tight with the lower body. When there is an increase in the workload for many of the muscles attached to the cervical spine it imbalance the straighter head position. The consequences of imbalance muscle position lead to move the head forward or backward from the normal position.

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How to fix a bad posture?

In order to get a good posture without consulting a Physiotherapist or using a posture corrector brace is an effective way. You need to be patient get maximum satisfaction results from indoor posture correction time.
We need to stretch where it’s tight (upper chest, front of the shoulders, and neck) and strengthen where it’s weak (rhomboids and middle traps – between your shoulder blades).

These outdoor posture corrector activities not only help you to regain the natural position of body muscles but also improve the productivity level. Follow these indoor posture correction activities.

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Foam roller for upper back pain

best exercises for back posture

If the foundation is featured stable then you are able to stand a tall building over it. It is very important to prepare the muscles of your body through the best posture corrector exercise. Stretches thought  When you start stretching out with the help of a foam roller the Neck and Upper Back muscles begin to tighten and eventually adapt the natural spot.
A 36 inches long and 6 inches diameter foam roller is a helpful gadget to get the best posture for stretching out. Lay down the foam roller on the ground and let you spread over this foam roller in a way that your lower backbone muscle and head are on the edges. This is an ideal kind of activity to get rid of rounded shoulders kind of posture.
Start stretching out your arms from hips to the front of the chest to over the head by holding a cloth or towel in your hand. You have to stretch your arms as far as you can for about two minutes of total exercise time. The stretching of the arm over the head should be 10 seconds in the count and then pull arms back towards the start position.

Doorway stretches for shoulder pain

doorway Utrecht exercise

What if you don’t have a foam roller for stretching out you can also use doorways for this purpose. It is an easy and effective way to tighten the position of muscles. Spread out both of the hands nice and tall right across either of frame parts.

Put one step into the doorway and let another one immobile. Now start exerting pressure on your front foot by holding the frame. What will you notice an extended stretch in upper and middle back muscles opens and develop a tighter physique.

Standing wall angel exercise

standing end stretch

If you want to get tightened shoulder muscles and upper back posture correction try standing wall angel exercise. This is one of the favorites exercises and recommended by a therapist with no equipment requires at all.

To do wall angel activity in the proper way you have to put head, hips and shoulder blade up against the wall. The feet should remain 6 feet away from the wall so that you can get a perfect posture correction position with more strength.

When you stood against the wall start moving the knuckles of your hands from hips to over the head. When you reach over the head connect both the knuckles and then slowly get back to hips. Keep the knuckles of your hands in contact with the wall all the time to offer more force. It will take about 2 minutes in total time to complete the exercise.

Forward dive motion

Dive position Exercise

In an entire gravity motion, we will follow the same concept as wall angel exercise to strengthen our posture. What you have to do just lay down on the floor on the chest and pull your feet up from the floor. Now start moving the arms from above your head to middles of your back to form a big “W” shape. Then go back to your start position slowly and steadily. This activity can help you to improve the upper, middle and lower back by strengthening the muscles.

Hip Flexor stretch

hip flex or stretch

The hip flexor stretch is one of the stress-free indoor workouts to fix bad posture. To prepare for this exercise you have put one foot on the edge of a bench while others will be placed on the floor with a 90 degree of angle. Now squeeze the muscles of the leg that placed on the edge of the bench to maximum stretch for about 60 seconds for each step. Repeat this exercise for each of the legs alternatively.