Best high impact exercise, How to Stay fit?

If your goal is to lose weight, burning calories should be your focus in addition to refining your diet. The best high impact exercise can turn your day by active the metabolic system to release hormones for better performance.

High impact exercise

Stats suggested that top runners stand at 750 calories per hour while a mischievous high school is promoting over 1000 calories per hour. Top female rowers have 1,400-1,700 calories per hour in the outlet, with males close to 2,000 calories per hour

How HIIT influence workout training?

There is absolute thought that high-intensity interval training exercises are the fastest path to the weight loss you’re looking for. Your goal is the best training, no shorter time to hurt yourself. It’s like teaching anyone to drive in a high-performance sports car. You’re going to crash if you can’t drive one.

Take your time, enjoy yourself and see your own weight loss successes first, and build strength as its natural reward. Once you approach your goal weight, then more serious workout routine training would be better appreciated and would offer the best results of your time investment.

Best High Impact exercises for beginners

you are about to think of cardio interval workout just like other fastest athletes around the globe, you will efficiently adjust the level of expertise. While you probably would like to step in recognize the starting point that you arrive on time and let that goal set. Look at yourself for pleasure with where you are and where you want to go.

Weightlift training


The guys with heavy training experience always tried to first fit in high-intensity interval training for weight loss. For the time invested, weightlifting may be an item, give you the fastest results. But lifting heavy is not your goal; I said that maximizing your energy output.

High impact Swiming workout

Swimming would be one of the best options for high impact workout training.  As a result of full-body training; it can be done safely with fewer risks of injury. First, you have to build your routine by training for 30 seconds with 9 times repetition during the first week. Then you can increase the level of intensity 45 seconds for second and then one minute of the next entire month with the same number of repetitions.

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As cycling, is considered a low impact outdoor sports activity but is equally effective as high impact training exercises. It runs your heartbeat racing fast and burns your belly fats quickly. When you are on riding starting point slowly begins the proceeding at 1 minute and 45 seconds rate. After the initial time boost your intensity by paddle as fast as you can for 45 seconds and repeat it until you reach your fitness goal.

High-intensity Boxing workout

High impact boxing training

When it comes to weight loss with high impact cardio workout exercises boxing will prove a prime choice. A session of one hour of boxing drill can burn up to 1000 calories. Jumping on the rope, pushups, and hit on the punching bag are the main components of a boxing workout.

Start with jumping the rope for one minute as fast as you can, then move on 20 pushups and at last hit the heavy punching bag for 1 minute. Repeat this 10 times in one hour of the session.


High impact workout exercises eventually change the dynamics of the human body’s metabolic system. Weightlifting, boxing, cycling, and swimming are the best high Impact exercises for beginners to build the muscles of the body for advance workout practices.

Once you have reached the basic level of fitness then you can jump into secondary physical activities. You are on a new journey, so don’t expect an easy finish line. If your knees can support high impact activity such as gym training, staircase running, hiking, and trail running will help you to increase the commitment to advance the level of physical fitness.