How to Find best hiking boots for beginners in 2020

When we wrote this article we assume our readers as beginner hikers. If you are looking for best hiking boots for beginners‘ guide, we have discussed some components to consider before buying your first pair. Due to numerous options available and it is very difficult to pick the hiking boots best for climbing and walking. So in this reading, we will compare the boots best for hiking in two different categories Land rambling and hill climbing.

We will compare the following types of hiking boots for the beginner on the basis of components.

  • Land Rambling
  • Hill climbing

Construction of Best hiking boots for beginners

It is very important to know the construction of hiking shoes before buying. The following are the key components you should consider while going for beginner hiking shoes. They might be different for a different purpose and depends on what kind of activity you want to perform.

Hiking or trekking solely depends on feet movement and to protect feet from any undesired injury hiking shoes played a vital role. It is very important to confine the diameter of confusion to select the right size of boots for hiking. If the pair of hiking shoes rightly fit in your feet increase the amount of pleasure.

- best hiking boots for beginners

Components of hiking boots for beginners

On the basis, of these pints out you will able to narrow down the boots that fit properly in your feet.

  • Outsole
  • Midsole
  • Insole
  • Upper
  • Lining
  • Tongue
  • Laces
  • Heel counter
  • Toe cushion


The lower part of the shoe that touches the ground is known as the outsole. When it comes to construction outsole of hiking shoes is made from a variety of material according to the required activity. Most of the manufacturers use sticky rubber, hard rubber, nylon or a mix of these. While you are on the terrain it is essential to keep your feet in balance otherwise you will cost serious injuries. The outsole of best shoes for hiking supports grip and responsible for traction.

Traction Lugs

The lugs are the pattern designed on the outsole to provide the traction grips. The pattern is different for the different conditions of boots. If you are using boots for the muddy condition then lugs will not deep enough to let the mud clear the channels easily. When it comes to selecting a boot for hill climbing traction lugs are designed deeper and sticky to provide firm grips to prevent you from slipping.


The sole of the best hiking shoes for a beginner should backing comfort, flexibility, shock-absorbing, and stability. The part of the shoe that found between the upper and the outsole is the midsole. The function of the midsole is to absorb the pressure, provide comfort, and protect feet from cuts and stones. The most used material for the manufacturing of midsole is PU and EVA or a mix of those.


The insole is a thin detachable/ fixed liner placed on the surface of the midsole and provides extra padding. Though midsole provides sufficient cushioning to feet you need an insole to ensure safe movement. The insole is a flexible, lightweight, anti-bacterial and durable sheet made from fiber, starch nylon, synthetic leather laminated with footed foam. It controls the odor, fungal causing elements, and foot pain and allows moisture to pass through it.


All the part above from midsole is upper of the shoe is and it works like cloth to enclose your feet in a chamber. The upper of the shoe for trekking and hiking is flexible, durable and puncture-resistant. Lightweight hiking shoes are made from synthetic fabric or waterproof texture leather to prevent your feet from cuts or edges and water while trekking.

Upper lining

While you are outside of the home for a long walk and if walking boots start chaffing feet will spoil your mood. The lining is the part of the upper surface and lined inside the upper. It comprises of breathable and moisture-wicking material to keep your feet moisture free and protect from fungal infections. Nowadays when lightweight hiking is popular, shoe manufacturers preferred to construct breathable mesh lining to cling feet moisture free for a long period of time.

Tongue flapper

Gusseted tongue is attached with the upper from one end and supports ankle with extra padding. The main role of the tongue in hiking shoes is to protect the shoe from water, pebbles, snow, and other substances to enter the shoes. The tongue is formed through highly synthetic breathable fabric with foam enclosed in fabric. In modern-day hiking boots for beginners where a speed lacing system is used to tie up, it provides a layer of cushion to protect feet from the pressure of Laces.

Shoe Laces

When you are looking for the right pair of shoes for any outdoor activity you should consider the flexibility of your feet first. Any activities that require a noticeable involvement of feet make sure to provide stability to safeguard from any serious harm. Now in modern-day hiking boots consist of a speed lacing system that allows tying up the laces more effectively and without wasting considerable time.

Heel counter

Whenever you are climbing uphill, the heel is the prime part of your feet that affects more than any else. If you feel better with your heel striking point it will make your day, otherwise, it may cost you breakage and serious injuries. The heel counter is stiff rubber cushions built in the rear of hiking boots or shoes. Most of the synthetic materials like, rubber latex, and biocides are rigid and strong used to firm heel counters. This rigid heel counter gives your feet, flexibility, durability, and toughness for any kind of hiking adventure.

Toe box

Every boot best for outdoor activities is tested on the foundation of a comfortable toe box. When walking back downhill the movement of the shoe points downward and employs pressure on the toe. If toe box does not match the anatomy of your toe end you will probably miss out on the pleasant experience of your outdoor trip. The material which is used for the construction of the toe box is usually the same as the heel counter.

Land Rambling hiking boots or Hill climbing boots

ComponentLand Rambling boots for hikingHill climbing boots
OutsoleIs designed to grip the muddy, slippery and sand conditions.Is designed for difficult terrains hills, mountain and climbing
LugsNot deep enough and can be cleared easilyMore deeper lugs to grip steeper surfaces
MidsoleMidsole is flexible but strengthen to provide tough terrain or long hikesMuch stiffer than other terrain boots and firmly hold the sideways movement of feet
InsoleIs made from shoe pad foam and enclosed in highly synthetic material and laminated with fabricIs made from synthetic foam laminated with leather on upper and supported by fabric
UpperIs mixture of nylon, split leather and synthetic materialThe upper Is made from more thicker leather to prevent feet from cuts and edges
LiningGore-Tex breathable lining to keep your feet drybreathable synthetic fabric or nylon mesh lining
Tonguehighly synthetic breathable fabric and cushions the feet from water and laces pressureHighly synthetic breathable fabric thicker and higher to support the ankle.
LacesSpeed laces system with support of hooks.Speed laces system with number of different supports to protect the ankle
HeelFlexible and thicker heel counter to absorb the pressureSubstantial, strong and rigid heel counter to provide motion control
Toe BoxStiffness and supportive toe boxMuch stiffer and supportive for climbing

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