Best hiking shoes for wide feet things to know?

The performance of the outdoor activity of hiking, running or walking massively relies on best hiking shoes for wide feet. It is not easy and comfortable to walk through pathways or tracking road if shoes for hiking do not relate to the rough and tough conditions. Hiking shoes for wide feet allow you to land safely on the toe of your foot without exerting extra burden.

While you are on a hike and crossing the woods with carrying a  backpack with all the essentials, you are putting extra pressure of luggage on your feet. If you have “best day hike shoes with lightweight “hiking can lower the load of your shoulder without putting the pressure on your feet.

Why wide toe shoes are best for hiking?

A perfect pair of shoes for hiking with wide toe are products that cover convenience as well as comfort level. The shoe for hiking with arch support enables you to go extra miles without the concerns of irreparable damages. When you walk through woods, mountains, and rocks it is the possibility of getting severe injuries. Hiking shoes with wide toe can protect you by supporting extra space for movement.

difference between walking and hiking shoes

Walking and hiking are generally considered the sides of the same coin but if you look them closely then you will find a notable difference. Both walking and hiking require different activities and design to feel you comfortable and fit during the workout.


While you are walking the weight of your body transfers from heel to the balls and ends into the toe of the foot.  During hiking, you will feel either of your feet feel tense stress conditions, and shoes need to carry 2×3 times the weight of your body during a stride.


When it comes to design prospective shoes for walking are designed lightweight to support comfortability, arch stress, and greater motion control. On the other hand, hiking required more rigid conditions and are bulky than walking shoes. The best shoes for hiking are built with rigid uppers to prevent ankle sprains and heavily lugged soles preventing from rocks and rebels.

Construction of Hiking shoes

As you read above the above best-hiking boots keep your feet protected from rocks, allow warmth and dry from moisture. Anatomy of hiking shoes can influence the workload of your journey.  It is very important to know-how pair of hiking shoes fit your feet and how they can affect the comfort, convenience, and durability. Generally, shoes specially designed for this purpose are comprised of  Upper, bottom sole, Innersole,  and scree collar.


Parts of hiking boots for wide feet


The upper of a shoe is an outer layer that encloses the feet to keep them warmer, dry, and protective from any damages. The upper of shoes designed for hiking made off with genuine grain leather, synthetic leather, and fabric leather.

Sometimes it will be hot and dry and other times it seems to be wet. You need to find the best pair of shoes for hiking with waterproof and rough and tough features. Rarely, you will see a shoe that built with the combination of these three materials. You will find lightweight shoes that may have a combination of grain/ synthetic leather with fabric leather and can only use for day-hiking purposes.

Bottom Sole

The bottom part of shoes is an inner sole and made of synthetic rubber. The hardness of the inner sole is l vary in accordance with the relative purpose. If you are planning to start your journey in a desert or bare land you should go hiking shoes with a hard sole. If you are a mountain hiker shoes with a soft sole is the perfect choice to protect feet from bare rocks.

Inner Sole

Inner sole of the boot can allow extra cushion and comfort to your feet. The insole is designed to help feet to protect from any fungal infection, arch support, cushioning, odor control, and moisture control. It’s usually made of fiberboard, stretch nylon, synthetic foam, or even leather laminated.

Scree collar

The scree collar is a padded protective cushion that placed across the neck of your boots for hiking. It is a soften part and enables you to tighten your shoes without chafe against your ankle and Achilles tendon.

Types of boots for hiking

Day Hiking Shoes

When you are looking for the shoes for day hiking a no. of running footwears and hiking boots related option approaches to your mind. Typically shoes for day hikers are comfortable enough to provide the tendency of extra mileage and speed. The innersole and bottom sole are flexible with extra cushion to your feet. The upper of boots for day hiking is wrapped through a nylon constructed mesh to provide breathability and comfort during workout.

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Combat Shoes for hiking

The combat shoes for hiking are designed for cold with additional features of cushions and waterproof insulation. They are made from the combination of synthetic leather with other materials like nylon/ fabric. The innersole has the capacity of shock-absorbing while the outer rubber sole has multidirectional lugs for grip. The shoes for hot combat hiking have vents for drainage and air ventilation to keep your feet dry.

Backpacking shoes

Backpackers require to carry extra weight and it can exert tensile pressure on your feet. If you select the right pair of shoes for hiking it will lower the possibility of ankle/foot related damages. The hiking shoes for backpacking have the tendency to lower the stress on the ankle with a supportive ankle shaft. The stiffer midsole helps you to spread the weight across the feet equally. The deep lugs of the outsole with a heel guard is an additional feature to perform heavier hiking.


In this article, we have discussed What are the best hiking shoes for wide feet to buy? how can it influence the performance of work out? If you are planning to start a journey for hiking purpose you have to face severe weather conditions. Wide toe hiking shoes allow the user to take travel some extra miles with the rugged and comfortable structure of hiking shoes.

You should figure out why you actually need a pair of hiking shoes according to your workload. Anatomy of the best boots for hiking along with design determines the line of attention. Upper, bottom sole, Innersole,  and scree collar are main parts generally found in every kind of hiking shoe whether it is day hiking shoes, backpacking shoes, or combat shoes for hiking.

A perfect pair of shoes for hiking with wide toe are products that cover convenience as well as comfort level. The shoe for hiking with arch support enables you to go extra miles without the concerns of irreparable damages.

What is your experience, if you ever buy the best pair of hiking shoes? Write your review and experience in the comment box.