List of Top 7 Best Hiking Trails In US

Are you a hiking guy and looking for some awesome hiking spot to visit? Here in this article, I will share seven best hiking trails in US. There are a few trails that you could plan through for a long weekend trip. Most of the hikes take you to walk through towering mountains, passes alpines, lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife.

7 Best Hiking Trails In US

Yosemite National Park clouds, California

Yosemite National Park clouds

My top of the list is Yosemite national park clouds because of some reasons. This is one of the best places that you will like to explore for the entire time of your adventure travel. You will be amazed by looking at yourself on top of the clouds and thinking about staying for long.

When set to two to three days of backpacking and explore the top of Yosemite is not an easy task. There is a good amount of elevation but easier than doing Half Dome from the valley. When you reach on the top of clouds the iconic view of the valley from the backside will surely amaze you.

From Yosemite family adventures time fly-fishing is something exciting which you always wanted to do. In Yosemite hike unicorn peak, which is a not often hiked peak in the high country. When you walk through Indian rock arch up to North dome to see the sunset is a true adventure you want to remember always long in your life.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

When moving to the Pacific Northwest, you should not miss Crater Lake national park because it is one of the most impressive national parks on this list. The epicenter of the park is Crater Lake, a collapsed volcanic Caldera, which forms America’s deepest lake with water so blue you have to see it to believe it.

Crater Lake is the clearest lake on earth and it’s the deepest lake in North America. Garfield peak is one of the beautiful hikes at top of the nice peak where you can see a clear view of the blue water of the lake. If you go early in the morning when it’s nice and calm you’ll get an awesome reflection.

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Highway 395, California

Highway 395 California

If you really like a road trip I suggest you try highway 395, California. In winter season the eastern Sierra highway 395 always covered with snow.  It is mammoth trekking start through Lone Pine to go to the Alabama Hills, Bishop, lake area and end at June Lake are some of the favorite points to stop. It can take about 48 hours to complete the trip.

Nellie National Park, Alaska

Nellie National Park Alaska

It is the most popular site in Alaska for good reason: it contains Mount McKinley, which is the tallest mountain in North America at over 20,000 feet and over 6200 meters. It is also the third most isolated mountain in the entire world after Mount Everest in the Himalaya and concagua in the Argentinian Andes.

The mountain has been renamed to Denali. If you are not going to summit the peak, it’s the perfect place to get off the grid and into the wild.

South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe California

One of the best hiking trails in the united states when it comes to hiking because of multiple reasons. South Lake Tahoe is familiar with its adventures and hike foods. When you are walking through the Rubicon trail you will see a lot of waterfalls, sunset from the top of cave rock and for food McDuff collectively proves an amazing adventure.

Watchman Trail, Utah

Watchman Trail Utah

This is a nice easy hike I think a little over two miles two and a half miles round-trip.  Watchman trail overlooks the entire Springdale area to the southern entrance of the park. If you are first-time visitors you will amaze to see the taste of Zion.

As climbed up the rocks you will aspire to get an awesome view of wizard Island beneath you. One thing you should take into account that the watchman trail is surrounded by desert greenery. The strength of the sun is dominated in the entire hike so you may have to carry some extra water bottles to stay hydrated.

Long tail hiking trails, Vermont

Long tail hiking trails Vermont

It is the oldest long hiking trail of united States spread over 270 miles main trail and 175 miles of a side trail. Most of the trail included green peak mountain range starts from Killington peak and reaches the north Canadian border, north troy.

No matter if you are a beginner or expert both will enjoy the varied nature of Vermont hiking, some places are steep and some are muddy. This desert trail climbs steep peaks passes through pristine pounds, alpine sledded and hardwood forests.