7 best lightweight backpacking tent to try

When planning for a top-notch adventure trip the lightweight backpacking tent is the best way to enjoy every bit. The lightweight backpacking tent is one of the important essential but bigger things to carry. It can exert high tensile pressure on knees and shoulders. So you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, space, and durability over complex backpacking tents.

lightweight backpacking tent

Our experts have spent dozens of hours to test and trial the best possible options available for lightweight backpacking tents in the market. This guide will help you out to list down some of the best lightweight tents to choose for your next backcountry trip.

List of lightweight backpacking tent

MOON LENCE Camping Tent

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If you are looking for a tent for backpacking that is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble then try out MOON LENCE. A strong rod is attached to the roof tarpaulin in 2 eyelets and fixed in the middle with a ribbon. The tent has 2 windows, one on the back and a few on the front in the door. Both windows can be closed with additional good quality zippers.

When it comes to the waterproof part the tent is efficiently waterproofed from the bottom is made of tarp 190T PU material to avoid water and a rain cover to forbid the water to enter in. The inside layer is made from mesh that allows further ventilation when the windows are closed. There is also floor ventilation on the back of the tent and ground tarpaulin. It comes in a really small bag which makes it really comfortable to carry.

Points of consideration

More durable

Easy to setup

Convenient to carry

Roomy capacity

Water resistant rainfly

Naturehike Cloud-Up Lightweight Backpacking Tent

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Image Source: trailspace.com

Naturhike cloud up is a backpacking tent designed for lightweight backcountry adventure and can easily carry out for long hikes. The cloud up tent weight ranges from 3.8 lbs to 5.7 lbs depending on how wide you need it. The 210T polyester rainfly & bathtub with PU 3000 coating make this tent is very sturdy, waterproof, and dry.

It is an outdoor adventure tent supported by Aluminum tent poles and skates that can setup easily even by one person in not more than 5 minutes. There are clips on the 4 corners and fit the tent poles through both the footprint and the inner fly at the same time. The tent also came with a footprint with buckles that allows the rain cover to clip onto so that the tent doesn’t slide off the footprint.

The two layers really work well together to prevent moisture buildup especially with the vent in the front. The interior pockets are also great with the ceiling hangar being a nice touch. The door cinch up straps and mesh vents keeps the bugs outside. It packed down small enough to pack down into a 40L dry backpack with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, and other misc. supplies.

Points of consideration

Very easy to setup

Weather shield


Comes with footprint

Extreme lightweight

Designed for backcountry adventures

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent

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Image Source: bikepacking.com/

When you plan to travel light try Fly creeks is a very lightweight and easy to set up a tent for backpacking. It is a two-person tent with a fair room as you can fit two Z Lights side by side and keep your packs in the vestibule. You will have to use pull out cords and stakes to connect the bottom to the top of the shelter. The tent is designed for three seasons with durable fabric composed of nylon and polyester.

Points of consideration

Very lightweight

Easy to setup

Extra room

Designed for three season

Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid Tent for backpacking

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Image source: manofmany.com/

This is one of the lightest backpacking tents with a weight of 0.67 ounces available in the market and designed for the capacity of two persons. The square head off top provides extra room inside to keep your essential. It has dual vestibules for gear access and diagonal inner inside a rectangular-based fly to provide extra room.

When it comes to the manufacturing side the Drop + Dan Dutson X-mid tent is made by 20d 420T 100-percent polyester with a 2000mm sil/PU coating to provide durability and waterproofing as well.

It is supported by a single trekking pole that moves inward from the middle to allow you to remain hustle free from inside. There are two separate zipper doors for each person on both sides of the tent. This tent has fully enclosed 0.67 ounces per square yard insects’ screen. The holes in the screen are super tiny even the smallest insects cannot go through it.

Key points of consideration

Spacious trekking-pole shelter

Storm-worthy materials

Twin pole structure

Double wall design

Large footprint

Great breathability

Forceatt Lightweight Backpacking Tent

- lightweight backpacking tent
Image Source: Product advisor

If you want to carry a backpack with a lightweight tent that also highlighted with extra space then try Foreceatt. This backpacking tent can set up easily and has the capacity to accommodate 2-persons like separate chambers for each. The tent has storm doors that can be opened or closed independently. The inner storage pocket located near the door opening and can keep your belonging like wallets, headphones, mobile phones, keys, and other stuff safe.

The fabric of the tent is made from 70D polyester to increase durability. The spacious welded floor improves the bottom of the backpack.  The upper part is consisting of two layers polyester fabric outside and a mesh fabric beneath the upper layer. The supported lightweight aluminum rods with skates allow this tent to disallow the harsh weather like heavy rain and mild snow to ruin your journey.

Key points of consideration

Easy to setup

Extra space inside

2 Layers of fabric

Supported aluminum rods

Extra storage capacity

MSR Zoic Backpacking Tent with Rainfly

The micro-mesh fabric provides you maximum breathability and cools with a proper ventilation system and the perfect choice if you are backpacking in summer. Rainfly is adaptable to all seasons whether you are in the Alpine or at a front country campout. The stay dry doors keep you dry when entering and exiting in wet weather. The zoic tents vestibules feature makes your camping adventure managed with maximum storage capacity in large pockets to keep all you backpacking gears safe and accessible. 

The ultimate lightweight design of the Zoic tent is the perfect choice for minimalistic hikers and backpackers. You will find all significant features like breathability, durability, and comfort in a four to six ounces tent. The wide spacious floor area makes it one of the roomy shelters that can accommodate 1-2 persons in 63 centimeters or 25-inch mattresses.

It’s significantly lighter than other leading tents of similar size making an easy to carry into the backcountry trip. The central hub system and pole design make it durable for all seasons and can set up easily. The EMMA SAARS trusted quality, 40 deniers ripstop nylon rainfly, and a 70 D nylon floor to ensure dryness, weather protection, and prolong the tent life.

Key points of consideration

Can setup easily

Extremely lightweight and durable

Spacious inside

Weather protective shield outside

Proper ventilation with mesh fabric

Best for minimalistic adventure

BaiYouDa Backpacking Tent

- lightweight backpacking tent
Image Source: swigert.dpsk12

The Baiyouda is a lightweight backpacking tent 2 person and easy to setup. The poles of the BaiYouDa folding down to a much smaller length than that other tent, making it easier to pack up in a dry bag or backpack.

The inner of the tent is consisting of two layers, the outer layer is made from durable 210T polyester cloth and the second layer is a B3 Nylon airy mesh for ventilation. These camping tents also have dual doors with two-way zippered (dual-zipper).