12 of the best outdoor gear websites in 2020

Are you a hiking guy or often go for an adventure like me and looking for the best outdoor gear websites with plenty of alternatives. It is not the ultimate option to go for the full-priced products all the time, sometimes finding discounted gears online proved to be fun in itself.  To flexible your online research for hiking and outdoor gear I listed down 20 of the best discount outdoor gear websites. The return policy is the main focal point to make you sure better sopping experience.

The Importance of a Good Return Policy?

Return and exchange policy is one of the pillars if you need an online business. It is an important factor to build relationships and trust between customers and sellers. As online consumers get to touch the product physically and only buy by seeing the pictures and defined description. According to research on the importance of good return policy by New york times that 91% of consumer who buys online, return and exchange policy is most I influential reason in buying decision.

12 of the best outdoor gear websites


The reasons for picking REI Co.Op on top of the table is their wide assortment for outdoor adventure gears at a reasonable price for more than 81 years. Because of their online and offline presence, they are more reliable to find the best outdoor gear within a few moments.

You can enjoy discounts, vouchers, and offers for your favorite items when REI Co-Op wants to clear outdated articles. The garage sale allows both sellers and buyers to exchange the values. Find some real bargains online at REI Co.Op with excellent delivery charges.

Return policy

For new products, REI Co.Op accepts 12 months of cashback return while for used products a maximum of 30 days of the return period. In the case of electronics, you can return products within 90 days of purchase. Poor product condition, intact labels, damages or any other reason company is not liable for a refund.


When it comes to bargain digitally Amazon is the biggest online platform of the world expands in 130+ countries. Amazon is a bridge between the buyer and seller to provide the best deals. When it comes to the best discount outdoor gears, they have a large and powerful assortment to choose from. Sometime you may not find the exact brand you are looking for but Amazon Basic (Specialized amazon store) gives you high quality and low-cost alternatives.

Return Policy

Amazon does not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center. A refund may be issued without requiring a return. In this situation, Amazon does not take title to the refunded item. Most refunds are fully refunded within 7 days after we receive and process your return.

If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll ship you a replacement for the exact item. If you would like to exchange an item for another, you can exchange for a different size or color or for an item in your cart.

The Clymb

Home page of The Clymb is always featured with great deals, Flash Sales, and promotion for a limited time. To get the best deals for outdoor gears before expiry, you should get in touch with the website. The Clymb is partnered with local tour operators and travel guides to offer you follow up on the experience of buying the best outdoor gear online. The helping guides, stories and informative tips of the editorial team inspire you to get most of out with your travel tour.

Return policy

The Clymb wants you to be satisfied with every purchase and accepts returns within 90 days of order delivery.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is one of the recognized names for providing high-quality outdoor gear essentials. Worn wear by Patagonia is a tool to set up the mutual cooperation of customers and manufacturers. Patagonia’s worn wear program is based on providing repair, care, reuse, and recycle services to increase the life of garments.

Return policy

You can directly submit your returns to Worn wear through a web portal. All you need to do submit an E-form, fill it, print attached with return parcel, and forward it to Worn wear warehouse within 5-7 days after delivery. It will take 2-3 weeks to process the order due to the high volume.

Outdoor Play

As, the name suggested outdoor play is specialized and best outdoor gear online store deals in all hiking, biking, riding, camping and more. The company was established in 1995 in kayaking and now has an enthusiastic team to provide you expert advice and guides. The aim of the outdoor play is to boost up the confidence and trust of users that they get the best deals for outdoor gear listed in the store.

Return policy

Outdoor play is believed in a customer-oriented business model and provides a hustle cash back guarantee. All you need to return the product as it within 60 days of delivery.

Gear Trade

It was founded in 1999 and then in 2005 acquired by Backcountry.com. The mission of gear trade is to provide a marketplace for players want to sell their best outdoor gear. They want to make it possible to ease down the usability and consistently improving the product interface. By using the Gear Trade platform you can find best-used gears with a new one even in a little budget.

Return Policy

The return policy of Gear trade allows you to inspect the product under the buyer inspection guarantee in 72 hours and return. Once the order is delivered you will not be entertained with a return after 72 hours. But you can negotiate the seller for a refund if agreed.


The punch line of Sierra trading spot is “save big for big brands” means they deal in products of well-known players of sports and outdoor gear market. You can buy overstocked, 2nd hand and closeout at a reasonable price with epic discounts. The main categories are skiing, snowboarding, running, fitness, men’s boots, women’s boots, men’s jackets, and women’s jackets.

The website platform is consistently on the rise for no. of retail outlets to provide you well on shopping experience to buy products online. The expert advice, checklists, tips, tricks, hacks, and videos help you to better understand what you should actually need to buy.

Return Policy

Purchased items can be refunded within a period of 40 days after delivery. The conditions for refund are accepted if items cannot fit, damage or have manufacturing fault before prior to use. If you are not pleased or come across a manufacturing fault outside of ordinary wear and tear, please notify their customer service right away. 


If you are trekking in snow or even walking on land EVO holds the outdoor gears for both options. This is a web-based outdoor gear online store that provides a wide range of products for ski, bike, surf, skate, snowboard, and travel-based clothing. You will get your favorite gears at a discounted price and shipped on your doorstep.

Return Policy

Every item sold by EVO is covered by its 366-day return policy. In return policy, they mentioned that If your new, unused* item doesn’t work out, you have 366 days to return or exchange it.

Moosejaw Outlet

When it comes to great deals of all kind gears and clothes for outdoor Moosejaw provide you wide variety. The most impressive thing is free shipping if your order exceeds $50.  Moosejaw outlet has a well-equipped knowledge center if you need any kind of guidance for hiking, climbing, backpacking or selecting outdoor gears.

Return policy

Returns are credited to the original payment method unless received more than 60 days after the date of purchase. Returns received after 60 days are refunded by the Moosejaw eGift Card, which is sent to the email associated with your order.

Steep&cheap by Backcountry

If you want to find outdoor gear for all seasons under a single umbrella Steep and cheap by Backcountry is one of the online stores for outdoor gear with a wide range of products. You will find high-quality outdoor gear as well as the expert level of knowledge for selecting the best one for you. They are dealing in high-performance gears for camping, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, backpacking and more-under one roof.

Return policy:

They only receive the return of new, unused gear within 30 days of delivery. New gear must be returned in the condition you received and must include the original packaging and tags. Steep and cheap do not accept the return of used gear.

Trew Gear

When landed on the page of Trew gear the first thing you will notice the two categories for outdoor gears one for men and other for women. Trew gear was established back in 2008 by manufacturing snow bib on the demand of Pacific Northwest weather. Now you can excess the high-quality outdoor gears through authorized representatives, distributors and retailers of Trew gear.

From 2016 to the present time most of the product is selling through online website channel. The value chain here is simple; you get the best materials and designs straight from the source at less of a markup. 

Returns policy

In order to streamline the return process, you are able to drive shopped products within 30 days after purchase if not satisfied.

The Gear Room

Find one-stop-shop for your outdoor gears and apparel with the Gear Room. They sell new and slightly touched products for every season from climbing to hiking and from running to skiing. Their primary concern is getting their customers into the gear that is going to get them the most of their time spent outside. Sales seem to always come secondary. If they don’t have the right piece of gear they will tell you rather than try and make something work. You can go in as an expert or novice and know you will get great service. 

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