Best Swimming Exercises For Weight Loss in 30 days

Why not take a look to pull yourself in the best swimming exercises for weight loss. You might one of those who browse the internet to search out the best exercises to lose weight and burn out the belly fats quickly. You are probably thinking to earn membership in a fitness club, planning for a workout in a gym, writing a sticky note on diet plans or join taking advice for experts.

best swimming exercises for weight loss

The biggest fact about weight loss activities is that they require a hard workout routine. The involvement of muscles is intensive may lead you to tidiness, dislocation and some serious injuries as well. If you really think swimming is the best high impact activity to burn the belly fats without being injured. Follow the below-described guide exploring, how swimming exercises for weight loss can inspire our body to gain our fitness goals.

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How swimming is useful for the body?

There are numerous outdoor activities to burn belly fats rapidly. All require hours of practice to ensure what pattern outfits you to get desired fitness goals with less pressure on working muscles. Swimming routine for weight loss is one of high impact workout can tone your belly in days.

Swimming can help you improve efficiency in six different ways;

Burn calories fast

Unlike riding a bicycle, a gym workout or outdoor running, swimming puts all of the body muscles to work out. It pumps the oxygen in all corners of the body and let’s burn the calories faster than others. During swim work out your larger muscles have to work 6 x-times more and helps you to burn the calories fast.

Build Muscles strength

Swimming can help you to increase the strength, toning, development, and size of your muscles. Due to the high density of water resistance every stroke drives out the muscles to work harder which ultimately improves muscle efficiency.

It is very important for the swimmer to position the body weight in the right way to support the anatomy of your body. It is a unique sport and pretty symmetrical while moving under the water.

Boost metabolic system

As you know, in swimming all muscles of the body are working out in streamline. It is an intensive workout and develops some new muscle tissues in the process. The best thing about this exercise is your body burns the calories even when you finished the job.

All you need more energy to cover the deficiency of newly generated tissues. If you feel appetite after your workout, try to eat more healthy food to build up lost energy which ultimately enhances the efficiency of the metabolic system.

Improve mental health

All the workout exercises are anti-stress and release a great amount of Endorphin which turns your mood jubilant. Swimming provides you an extra level of calmness and reduces anxiety and hypertension.

Lower the possibilities of pain and injuries

It is the possibility of tearing out the muscles and find injuries while performing high impact exercises for weight loss. Unlike other workout activities where you are relying on a group of muscles swimming structured to use every single muscle. So there is less possibility of getting injured in underwater training.

Physical studies have shown, about 90 % of people feel pain in the shoulder and upper high back, while 1.5% feel pain in other parts of the body. Swimming is effective to lower the probability of back pain, shoulder pain, and upper back injuries by keeping all things symmetrical. It will ensure the best fitness results in quick succession.

How do plan a swimming workout?

If you are serious about swimming exercises for weight loss and have a well-defined goal in your mind you should plan swimming before jumping into a pool. If you follow the better structure, your body will adapt the changes quickly and let you certify the great outcomes.

Before jumping into the main stroke you have to make sure to prepare yourself and make your swimming goals clear what you actually want to achieve. If you assure what you are doing it for it will become easy to reach out to the desired finish line.

Whenever you planned for swimming, make sure to buy comfortable clothes like a cap. Goggles and a swimsuit before jumping in the water. Always keep on changing the patterns of strokes between freestyle, backstrokes, crawling, and butterfly to preserve muscles active and adaptive.

Best swimming exercises for weight loss

Warm-up swimming exercises to burn belly fats

If you ate beginners and enthusiastic to execute the swimming to lose belly fat it is important to first try to prepare your body to adapt the strength. Water is 800 times denser than air and all you need cut out the force of water particles when carrying out your strokes. 1x 200M freestyle workout and then take a break of 20-30 second

  • 1 x 200M pull and take break 20-30 seconds
  • 1 x 100M kick and rest for 30 second
  • 1 x 100M drill stroke of choice

When you jumping in the pool start out slowly and comprise it in bite-size workouts and repeat them 4-5 times. Warm-ups are great to strengthen the structure of muscles and organize them to reduce the risk of injury.

Main Set swimming exercises to lose weight

There are four different types of goals (Aerobic, Speed, Strength, and Distance) with each have different traits and focuses. You should not try them all in a single workout but mix them up as you progress. If you are planning to swim 4-5 times a week you can try all of them or repeat one first and then try others. It all depends on time, strength and commitment to how much you prepare yourself to focus.

High impact interval Swim training

HIIT is a likable workout activity in swimming to boost up strength. It helps you to build muscles and toned them for aerobic and anaerobic resistance. You will feel harder to comply with high impact interval training if you are a beginner swimmer.

Unless your body cop with high intensity, you should try it not more than 2-3 times in a week. Otherwise, you will face serious muscle injuries and your body will be tired by the time. There will be different distance preferences for different levels and you should choose the distance plan accordingly

  • Push yourself from the wall and swim as fast as you can for the first 20 meters
  • Then swim at a comfortable pace until you reach for last 20 meters
  • For the last 20 meters again increase the pace again
  • Repeat the process 5-10 times

Note: If you are a beginner swimmer you should try short distances (25m and 50m) first. When your body prepares for endurance and ability to perform better then you can pick the long distances more than 50 meters.

For beginners: 10 X 50 meters

For intermediates: 5 X 50 meters and 5 X 100 meters

For professional: 10 X 100 meters

Flutter Kick

You will often see flutter kicks in training exercises for weight loss. This swimming workout for beginners is effectively used for burning the lower abdominal fats by moving your legs up and down while swimming horizontally. The flexing of the ankle and knees allowed you to open up the length of tissues and able to burn out 680 calories per hour. It also helps your legs to gain strength and develops the magnitude of your strokes.

To perform flutter kick workout in pool follow the mechanism

  • Holds down the edge of the pool,
  • Position your body parallel to the water
  • Keep your legs submerged while executing
  • Flutter your legs as fast as you can in one minute

Underwater swims

For better results and keep your body slim for a longer period of time you should include underwater swim aerobics in a daily swimming workout routine. According to the American College for Sports and Medicine, a freestyle underwater swim can burn up to 704 calories in an hour. Push up the wall of the pool in streamline position deep to 68 inches under the water. Use backstroke arms and legs to move forward for 2 minutes without breathing outside.

Float on the back

Floating the back on water or backstroke is stiffer to execute as compared to forwarding motion or butterfly stroke. In backstroke, you have to pull out your body weight against the pressure of water with more force and strength by lying on the back.

For this activity, you need a floating ball or a water log to balance your build. This exercise will support you to improve the physical appearance of your abs, chest, legs and butt muscles.

  • Hold a floating ball or a water log
  • Lay down on the back
  • Float on the back by firmly hold the water log/floating ball
  • Extends the legs by closing the feet to move forward
  • Repeat this 5-10 times with 30 seconds of rest between two reps.

Upper body swim workout to burn belly fats

To cut out extra body fats and burn calories fast upper body swim is the best training. In this workout, you have to float your body in the water by holding the ball with forwarding stretched arms and face down in the water. When you are on the brink of a break, drive the ball as quickly as possible underneath your thighs with straight arms. When it reaches down to bring it back on the surface of water repeat the activity 5-10 times.


The first and foremost thing to look after is to know about yourself and your fitness goals. When fitness goals are checked out the next step is choosing the right swimming workout activity among four goals (aerobic, speed, distance and strength). Try to mix up all of these workouts time by time and move forward step by step from beginner to advance. If you put extra pressure on your body it will cost you more.

Most of the best swimming exercises for weight loss required an intense amount of workforce from all of the muscles of your body. If your muscles retaliate the required power and strength for the fitness goals you are looking for will not finish the line. A human body has the tendency to adopt the changes if trains properly. So make yourself prepare well before jumping into high intensity interval training.