Best Travel Adventure Companies In US, List Of Top 10

Are you are planning to go for a travel adventure to the northern hills or North American desert. It is very important to plan things accordingly because overseas adventure travel is recreational and high impact outdoor activity that requires professional guidance. Whether you are a foothill climber, a conventional hiker or camping on the mountain, you need a partner, a guide and a planned destination to travel.

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A well supported essential like, food, the best hiking backpacks, right size shoes, a shelter, hydration pack, and Navigation tools is a mess to find all alone.

The best hiking guide can give you adequate information to figure out essential gears you should have with yourself in your journey. A number of best adventure travel companies in USA specialized in planning an adventure tour expertly.

With the entire questions about outdoor adventure in mind, we are here to give you a brief review. A list of best family adventure travel companies, organizations, communities, and websites pick for your reference.

We are here to help you out to refine your search and this article does not represent any endorsement, affiliation or attachment.

Best travel adventure companies in 2020

REI-cop- Adventure Travel Companies In USA

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Recreational activities like outdoor adventure help you to interact with the powerful indicators of nature with the guides and supportive gears. The slogan of adventure travel REI is “we know adventure, and we know the locals”, will give you better travel adventure packages and advice with the help of local guides.

It has a vast network since 1938 and spreading over different sections of apparel, rental equipment service, expert advice, and outdoor hiking activities. You will find a big difference between REI cooperation and other conventional adventure planners. The REI Adventure Company is owned by the members of the community formed with almost 18 million lifetime members.

Midwest Mountaineering

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Outdoor adventure is a high impact activity that requires an adequate amount of expertise. If you are a rock hiker and want to join a climbing community follow the umbrella of rock climbers experts of Midwest mountaineering.

One of the best adventure organizations established back in the 1970s with the aim to offer customer service so good customers will tell their friends. Midwest mountaineering is not only provided you best hiking guides but also a suggestion for the best gear and clothing. Its old and funky ambiance will be one of your favorite stores.

Open road outfitters

Open road outfitters adventure travel

The American adventure travel planners Open road outfitters centrally located just south of downtown Denver near Broadway and Alameda. They will help out the travelers and hikers in all things from planning to execution to make the journey easy.

From cargo boxes to ski and snowboard racks, roof bike racks to hitch platform bike racks, from cargo basket to accessories open road outfitters provide you all. Either you can rent out or buy it from open road outfitters layouts.

Currently, the open road outfitters team working on initiating an adventure blog to provide general outdoor adventure knowledge to inspire you to get outside.

Backpack Alaska

Backpack Alaska Adventure travel

Backpack Alaska is the first female-owned Adventure Travel Company and locally operated. The mission of Backpack Alaska is to provide you the opportunity to travel with experts in small groups and enjoy the landscapes of Alaska under the sunshine.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced female hiker this travel adventure organization is an ultimate choice for all. Get tips and tricks from experts, and adventure specific training to survive in fly-in backpacking and basecamp adventuring.

The Big Outside

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Michael Lanza the founder of “The big outside” starts the adventure blog about 25 years ago. You can take all kinds of assistance from him on all hiking gear reviews and destinations for beginners, kids, and family adventures.

Outside backpacking, day hiking, climbing, skiing, running trails, and paddling rivers don’t matter what kind of planning you have. Try the big outside pictures, stories, references, and expert planning trip service to get better outdoor adventure intake.

Grand American adventures

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Discover the diverse culture of America and Canada with a wide range of services with Grand American adventures. They offer wildlife, walking, holiday and family adventure tours. You can experience epic 70 traveling journey destinations through the national park, historical regions, Canadian Rockies or desert of Alaska. You will share a room or tent with a same-sex partner. If you prefer your own space, you can choose our optional and pay a little more.


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It is not easy to travel every day and someone who chooses a special occasion, weekend hiking, or fly to the hill station. Intrepid is an adventure-based organization planned travel tours for family and friends in small groups. If you want an authentic real-life hiking and traveling experience intrepid team can arrange it with the help of local guides.

The benefit of having a local guide is that they brought up their life there and they can understand the destination better than anyone else. Most of the tours of intrepid are organized in small groups provide you the opportunity to interact with a diverse culture very well.

Crazy Family Adventure

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Craig and Barayana back in 2004 thought to spend time with family and move around the world in a recreational vehicle (RV). The aim of forming the Crazy family adventure concept is to realize the world how they can deepen their family relation through travel together.

If you are planning to hike US north-west poles or Canada the crazy family guides you with their real-life experience of adventure. Try out their authentic videos, podcasts, advises and planning to outreach your outdoor adventure.