Top 5 best wireless gaming headset under 150

When you land on this page I supposed you are looking for the best wireless gaming headset under 150. Why is it so important to have a wireless gaming headset? You don’t probably want you’re gaming gadgets to be wired to relish every bit. Headphones along with mice and a keyboard are an integral part of gaming gadgets. Wire, wire, and wire everywhere, and I think you are sick of them right? You don’t? And is looking for a wireless option.

When wireless headphone comes into objective, you probably thought them expensive. A wireless gaming headset doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are plenty of decent ones available at a reasonable price. These headsets are capable of delivering the premium sound quality and reliable battery backup for you to enjoy countless hours of gaming. So in this article, you will learn about some of the best wireless gaming headsets under $150.

List of best wireless gaming headset under 150

HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset

- best wireless gaming headset under 150

HyperX cloud series is one of the best options if you are looking for as many features in a wireless gaming headset under 150. The following HyperX cloud wireless gaming headset helps you to maintain, the perfect balance between mids, highs, and the bass. The audio quality is very clean and crispy.

There is no setup required to connect Cloud Flight. Just plug in the USB adapter and turn them on. They are really comfortable for long gaming sessions. The adjustable steel slider headband along with movable earpieces can fit a large size head. The earpads are made from faux leather or vinyl type material.

The range is pretty good – about 30 feet when a line of sight, less when walls get in the way. The over-ear design helps seal out background noise, and it required no driver updates to function. It also has awesome battery time with up to 30 hours on standby and 5 hours of continuous play.

  • Build quality is excellent
  • The sound is crystal clear
  • Microphone is good
  • The headset range is excellent
  • The mute bottom is well designed
  • Fits well on the ear
  • Very lightweight
  • Mic is not retractable

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

- best wireless gaming headset under 150

Stealth 700 gen 2 by turtle beach is an outstanding wireless gaming headset equipped with refined internal acoustics premium sound quality. The 50-millimeter nonnuclear speakers produce realistic sound to ensure that you will hear even a small detail.

The stealth 700 headset goes an extra mile for gamers with a friendly comfort design that fits well on the head and along with ear pads. Each side of the headphones can pivot 90 degrees so they adjust to your head perfectly and can be flipped sideways.

The headset has easy access to the audio preset which enables you to regulate the volume in the most convenient way possible. The flip to mute mic design will come in handy to instantly mute the mic when it’s not necessary. The USB charging port charge this wireless gaming headset can charge for up to 15 hours with a single charge.

The adapter works on both Xbox and PC, though the PC does not allow for a separate game and chat volume. The Xbox Wireless connection allows segregation of the chat and game volume allowing you to adjust for different scenarios. 

  • Good quality audio
  • Ease of use
  • Flip-up Mic
  • Can connect for multi-devices
  • Adjustable headband and earpieces
  • Noise cancellation isn’t the best

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

- best wireless gaming headset under 150

Arctis 1 is a multi-platform wireless gaming headset that will keep you entertained no matter what platform you choose to play it on with its 40-millimeter dynamic driver. This premium headset is capable of delivering intense beats and detailed sound quality which makes open-world games quite immersive.

No matter which gaming console you are using to play Wireless connectivity works seamlessly with its included dongle. It utilizes 2.4 gigahertz wireless connectivity which keeps latency to a minimum within a 30 feet range.

The build quality is somehow remarkable. Both the top strap and ear pads are very breathable. You can play the game for hours without any pain or sweating and will fit you perfectly while reducing the ear strain.

On top of that, the arctis 1 steel series 20 hours battery time enables you to play the games for a longer period from a single charge.  

  • Spatial audio aside
  • Breathable ear pads
  • Good noise canceling
  • Quick access to the most useful functions
  • Retractable mic
  • The suspension headband isn’t as adjustable
  • Slightly heavy

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 

- best wireless gaming headset under 150

The HyperX cloud stinger wireless gaming headset is designed to make your gaming experience enjoyable. The cloud stinger core by HyperX is a lightweight wireless gaming headset that is comfortable to wear and fun to play with this 7.1 surround sound.  

It can be very stressful to wear a headphone on your head if you are gaming for long hours. The headset is surprisingly light thanks to its 8.5 ounces of weight which reduces ear strain so that you can stay comfortable.

This headset has quality 40-millimeter drivers that help to create a blueprint of the in-game arena in your head to enhance your overall gaming performance.

The 2.4 gigahertz wireless efficiently connects your headphone to your pc or console. With a long-life battery, It stays functional for up to 17 hours from a single charge.

Moreover, the adjustable steel sliders swivel to mute mic design and on head volume wheel altogether add up to the convenience of your gaming experience.

  • Very lightweight
  • Crisp, clear sound quality
  • The earpiece is made from metal
  • Good mic quality
  • Wireless range is about 20-30 feet
  • Plug and play
  • Can connect both wired and wireless with the dongle
  • Built-in controls
  • Short USB Cable for charging or connect

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Corsair Void RGB Elite wireless headset for gaming

- best wireless gaming headset under 150

If you are running on a budget then the Void RGB Elite pro is the right one to go. This wireless gaming headset will fall right into your budget featuring custom 250-millimeter neodymium drivers. Corsair Void RGB headset is capable of providing base intense sound for immersive in-game audio.

Furthermore, this 7.1 surround sound headset is capable of delivering engaging in-game audio which will help you to listen to your enemies’ footsteps and stay one step ahead.

This headset performs from 2.4 gigahertz wireless technology at a much lower latency level to enhance the overall sound quality. It has on-air volume and mute controls that will enable you to mute it instantly while providing convenient control over the volume.

The adjustable ear cups with plush memory foam will provide you exceptional comfort.  The ear cups completely cover the ears and don’t cause any pressure on the side/top of my head even when wearing glasses. The soft mesh cups don’t get hot even after long sessions.

They feel lightweight and study (Some metal but mostly plastic). If you are playing games for long hours, lightweight, comfy and durable premium features make this headset quite decent for gaming.

  • Comfortable
  • Pretty good battery life – about 12 hours
  • RGB feature is cool
  • Easy to use/quick to connect
  • Good input/output sound quality
  • The range is not great, probably about 25 ft.