The Ultimate Guide for Buying a New RO Water Purifier for Home

It disrupts your entire living standards and affects your well-being. Even apart from health benefits, there are ample reasons which help you purchase a water purifier instantly for your home. The market is filled with various RO water purifier online models which often get you confused.

A water purifier for home is worth every penny you invest in. For a healthy life, you need purified water along with good living standards. There can be no alternative to safe drinking water which keeps you away from various health ailments and diseases.

When options are many, you need to do a little research to buy the best product. To make it easy for you, here is a list of water purifiers that are available and can help you with a clean glass of drinking water.

How to buy a RO water purifier for home

Types of water purifier

Reverse osmosis water purifier

It is the most common type, where you have always heard RO water purifier. It is the most recommended and popular product and every brand work on it. While you check out the latest LG RO water purifiers, walk through the benefits and features of this.

In reverse osmosis, the water is pushed in a reverse side that is from a higher TDS level to a low TDS level. This process is done by applying high pressure with the help of a water pump that reverses the water flow in an opposite direction.

Drinking water that has a lot of contaminants, pollutants and high TDS level is pushed to the RO chamber. Then the water is pushed through the semi-permeable membrane so that all the pollutants are left behind and the water that passes out is clean and fresh.

As the water passes it leaves behind everything that can be harmful to your health and body. You must be thinking about the wastes? The wastes are washed out through a separate outlet.

UV Purifiers

UV purifiers are very popular and easily available in the market. As the name suggests, UV means ultraviolet rays are used to kill the bacteria and virus present in water. It either kills or inactivates the presence of bacteria in the water which can cause serious damage to health.

However the impurities and sediments don’t get affected by UV rays, hence they come with a sediment filter, which filters out the sediments and impurities from water leaving behind safe and clean water for your good health.

The market has various UV Purifiers that are affordable and offers great durability and performance. Have you checked out the LG RO+ UV filters? They are outstanding in terms of performance and usage.

UF water purifier

 Ultrafiltration also uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the water leaving behind sediment and impurities. The difference between UF and RO is, UF uses a membrane with large pores and RO water purifier uses a membrane with small pores.

Do you know what the best part is? In the UF water purifier, the water moves with the help of gravity and it can work without the support of electricity.

Finishing up

If there are serious contaminants in your water, a water purifier filter may not be enough to solve your problem. Buying a water purifier is worth every penny you invest in. For a healthy life, you need purified water along with good living standards.

The market is filled with RO, UF, and UV online RO water purifier. However, brands like LG have also come up with a water purifier that has all the three technologies combined. What can be better than a water purifier with a combination of RO+ UV+UF?