Camping for beginners, 6 interesting hacks to know

If you are feeling yourself in a boredom zone and planning for your next outdoor camping trip when the Covid-19 pandemic will over. Here in this article, I will discuss some genius hacks and tips to find a better way to deal camping for beginners.

It is said that “camping is the only activity where you consider all the essentials carefully and prepare to take care of your breathing space.” As a beginner camping guy, the campsite requires a lot of work. Living in the woods is not easy, but there are certainly many ways to make it easier.

Following are some of the hacks and tips you should try out on your next outdoor adventure Camping will be more fun than ever and you will get most out of it.

Camping for beginners, 6 Genius Hacks

Use a Travel checklist

In outdoor adventures using a checklist is one of the most useful things you can use. A camping checklist allows you to remember every important thing, especially the essentials. If you forget to remember little things such as a lighter or kitchen utensil it can make or break your outdoor adventure.

Pack your backpack properly

Backpack specially designed for camping purposes has well-managed compartments to store all the requisites. A backpack for camping needs to be managed in a proper so that you can cover less space for small items and can allocate needed space for bigger items.

Bring all-purpose liquid soap

It is very important to stay safe and hygiene while you are outside of your home. It is very hard to carry bath soap because of water shortage. There are liquid soaps available that are ideal for campers

You can use them for hygiene as a shampoo, a body bath, mouthwash, and even a shaving cream, dish soap, and laundry detergent. You will save space in your luggage and above all, it is biodegradable and chemical-free, which means that you will not harm the environment.

Use microfiber towels

Regular towels are bulky and can cover more space in your camping backpack. Always try to use Microfiber towels because they are lightweight, more ideal for camping. It dries faster while regular towels need more time to dry out. Microfiber towels are also a good alternative to paper towels.

Use ice pack for your cooler

Ice packs can keep your food cooler longer inside your cooler. You should use a large block of ice instead of small cubes. The ice blocks will melt at a much slower rate because they have less surface area. It would also be handy to keep a small bag of ice cubes inside the cooler in case you need to add them to your drinks.

Store eggs in a bottle

Eggs are fragile, which makes them difficult to pack. You can solve this problem by breaking eggs in a bowl at home, pre-scrambling them, and pouring the contents into a Mason jar or glass bottle. This way you will have an easy breakfast the first morning of your arrival at the campsite – only takes a few minutes to cook.