Forward head posture, Frequently asked questions you need to know

Why there much talking about forward head posture around the globe? It’s safe to say that nobody wants a hump or bad on their back not now and not later. So, today I’m going is the next 20-30 minutes of reading we will try to answer some frequently asked question about bad posture.

Forward head posture frequently asked questions?

What is a forward head posture?

Forward head posture is a modern-day human posture where your chin moves in front of your chest. The spinal leans upward and resulted in pulling your neck forward.

For every inch that your head moves forward your neck and your upper back have to support an extra ten pounds of weight just to keep your head from literally falling off of your body. It is all in your hands to correct the leaned position of your backbone.

 If you continue to maintain a forward head posture over the years you’ll start to develop an abnormal curve in your upper spine and your body will build up scar tissue on the lower part of your neck known as a dowager’s hump

What are the causes of Bad posture?

Well in these days most of the younger ones face some chronic headaches at the age of 20s. The main causes of pushing for bad posture are excessive use of technology gadgets like computers, cell phones, and laptops. When you are watching TV, sitting on the couch with a laptop, or gazing at cell phones you probably pressing your neck forward from the natural position. This move affects the spinal to adopt the new position and let some extra fats fill out space.

If forward head posture is left untreated it can cause neck and back pain headaches, breathing issues, pinched nerves, and numbness.

The right posture position has a mechanical advantage. Let me explain you with a medical example. Imagine you are given a ball of ten pounds in your hand and asked to hold the ball for an hour. Where you will have it? Probably close to your body and at the central gravitational point to overawed the fatigue. The same is the case with your head position and it should have remained in a natural position.

How to Measure forward head posture problem?

It is very important to measure how worse we have a forward neck problem and also measure the progress if we are going to improve it. You will stand with your back against the flat wall making sure to touch the wall with both your heels and your shoulder blades. Check the natural position of your head when you touch those four spots with the wall.

If the back of your head is touching the wall or it’s pretty close to touching the wall you probably don’t have any kind of real forward head posture. However, if your head naturally shifts forward and it ends up inches away from the wall then you probably do have forward head posture.

What is the consequence of a forward head posture?

Every inch forward of the head increases the weight of the head by 10 IBs. The extra head weight can lead to worn neck joints and discs and neurological and vascular issues and has some real effects and changes on our self-esteem and confidence. A forward head can also cause chronic muscle tension, hypertension, anxiety, and depression.


Can you correct forward head posture?

Forward head problems can be corrected by exercises or sometimes by surgery in a worst-case scenario. The progress is not going to overnight process and required a couple of weeks to improve. A long term planning will help you to gradually develop the strong muscles to improve your forward neck problem. There are several ways to fix bad posture through treatment, yoga for head and neck, and stretch exercises

How long does it take to correct forward head posture?

If you have got hunchback posture, back posture, or forward neck problem you might be feeling a little bit embarrassed. You might think and wondering is there any way I can actually fix the posture or how long will it take to do things rightly. It all depends on the condition of your body and the part which you want to really work on. If generally asked nobody can tell you how much time will it take to fix your posture? If you are persistent, patient, and regular you can get it corrected early than you expect.

If you have just a minor kyphosis, a minor bit of slouching, and hunched backing then it could be a really quick period of two weeks. On the other hand, if you are working all day long or workout in a gym then it will be not an easy task. As you work hard you are pushing a decent amount of bar on your backbone and it may stuck your posture and may require surgery to fix.

What is the fastest way to fix forward head posture?

The best practice of getting start the correction of bad posture is based on six simple steps. If you follow the following steps you will surely get the desired progress within 2-3 weeks.

  • Measure the condition of posture
  • Begin releasing and stretching the tight muscles
  • Implement corrective exercises to strengthen muscles
  • Use posture corrective brace and belts
  • Eliminate bad posture habits
  • Make it a daily workout routine

What is the best posture corrector on the market?

  • Truweo posture corrector
  • Vibo Care Upper Back Straightener
  • Gearari best back support brace 
  • Aroamas Posture Corrector
  • Flexguard back brace
  • MARAKYM Back Brace
  • WYLLIELAB Back Brace for Posture Correction
  • Clips Back and Shoulder posture corrector brace
  • Qualid posture corrector
  • BENEFIT Back Support Brace

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