Hiking for weight loss, How to burn calories fast

hiking for weight loss

You may read the people asking “is hiking helpful for weight loss?” the answer to this question is yes. Hiking for weight loss is one of the triggers that inspire many to go out for hiking trails especially women. In this article I want you to go about it and it will help you out to find the best way to lose belly fat through hiking.

hiking for weight loss Vs Cardio workouts

 If you are just getting started then there are certain ways to get you in shape on the eve of New Year. One of the things you will hear that if you want to lose weight do intervals, or do high-intensity interval training. The duration of cardio workouts like on the stairs, on the treadmill, or pulling the weight up is amazing while committed to the gym. It sometimes requires not less than six-seven hours a day and never thought to throw those things in 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you are committed to long term strategy then hiking for weight loss will get you desired results. It can burn up to 400-2400 calories if you go for a six-hour hike which is totally feasible.  In the summertime, it is pretty easy to go out and hike for 3, 4, 5, or even10 hours.

For guys with the extra weight, it becomes a more enjoyable and easy way to burn more calories. If you go out for an hour or two hours that is like you are burning 1800 calories. You can measure the rate of your weight loss by using the social circle as a predictor that loses weight by other means.

why should go for hiking to lose belly fats

Hiking prevent muscular Injuries

Normally when getting overweight or obese you are thinking about low impact workouts like running, and sometimes it hurts your knees or joints. It requires you to follow some preventing measurements which are hard to remember and exercise. Hiking is really good for weight loss because it holds a pretty low impact on hurting the muscles and joints. Probably when going out for walking around is going to be pretty comfortable for a lot of people.

Hiking helps to balance the diet plan

Diet plan is also a very important aspect to lose belly fats. A combination of hiking for weight loss with a healthy diet plan not only marks you stick on your plan but also increase the metabolic process.  When you go out for a long walk it makes you really hungry and soon when you go out to eat afterward it takes some discipline to manage your foods to eat for hiking. I try to choose the soup or the garden burger instead of the Hana and sometimes I end up getting chicken wings.

Best ways to Hike for weight loss

Increase the Intensity of hiking

There are a few ways you can actually try to hike faster. One of the best things you can do is add a little bit of intensity to your hiking workouts. Generally, when choosing hiking for weight loss you can do a couple of simple things that work best for hiking. It is fine to drop back down and continue at a lower intensity so you can enjoy the rest of your hike.

Hike in Short Intervals

As you are going to burn more calories after your hike anything that’s going to raise your heart rate will burn out the calories. You can also put intervals in hill repeats. The effective way to burn out the belly fats is to hike in short intervals. If you have a hilly course or steady uphill it is easy to get your heart rate up through short uphill loops.

It can be made more hard by putting extra weight in the backpack If you do not have uphill or downhill slopes. Carrying more weight is going to make it a little bit harder to walk uphill. It will definitely get your heart rate up and fasten the metabolic process in the result.

Walk for 30 minutes a day

Research shows that people who are aiming to lose the extra belly fats stay active six or seven days a week. If you just sit around at home and waiting for weekends to plan for an outdoor workout will not work for you. Make sure to stay active the whole week by combining weekend hiking trails with walking for 30 minutes. If you are aiming to hike for weight loss It is a more efficient way for you to burn calories fast.

Try strength training

The final things I want you to think about you should really think about some strength trainings for hiking. This may seem kind of weird as we usually talk about hiking but you should really think about getting into it. 

It might involve lifting weights. When you are thinking about strength training you probably think of lifting weights. You can exercises some resistance bands training and that thing you can use easily around your house.

When you start doing strength training you can also just use your body weight or just improvise like hold a jug of milk. While you are doing your squats to add a little bit of resistance so put your backpack on while you’re stepping up and down onto a platform


So after straight reading, the article on hiking to lose weight what comes to the conclusion is that you can get yourself fit while going out for an adventure. Hiking is nonetheless a high impact exercise that inspires you to get the fitness results. It is also good for your sports performance, increase stamina, and build strong muscles that less prone the injuries.

When you are planning for a weight loss process it is very important to do it an efficient way. It is a very effective strategy to go hiking on the weekends and then do some hits some strength training during the week. When you start your strength training at home it will not just build your confidence but lean your body to face harsh weather conditions and rash hiking trails.

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You can use your backpack as the tool for sprinting up/down to sloppy and hilly surfaces. The up and down moment assists you to increase the heartbeat and in results, you will burn some extra calories.

You should also follow the balance for cardio and diet together. If you take in some rubbish food like burgers or French fries then sorry to say your effort to burns calories will go in vain. So always keep on picking the lightweight food essentials for hiking like chicken wings, biscuits, some nuts, some butter, and some jerky things.