Material Management And Its Impact On The Construction Project

Construction projects are impossible to complete without material management in the right quantity. Un availability of material on the construction site halts the construction project’s activities and result in a project delay.

The responsible people on the site make sure that the material is enough to complete the project on time—mismanagement of the material results in many difficulties apart from time issues. There are chances that the material used for the construction project might get short in the market. Arranging the same material to resume the project will take a lot of time. The construction project managers take care of the reasons behind the material’s mismanagement and their impacts on project completion.

What is material management?

Material management in construction is all about taking care of the material that one will use for the construction. Material management in construction is to make sure the material is enough for the project to complete. The material is of good quality, and the material’s price is reasonable such that it does not exceed the project budget. Even if the material is in the right amount and has good quality, it is necessary to keep the material safe, so there are no chances of that material to waste. All this is a part of material management.

Material management helps keep a record of the material so that it is not misused or used for self benefits. Construction material manager will help you make use of the perfect material for your construction project, and also, the material you have on sight is not misused.

The most significant tasks of a material manager are here.

  • Search for the best quality
  • Research on prices
  • Negotiating with the suppliers
  • Managing the inventory
  • Arranging the material if it is not sufficient
  • Makes decisions on what to do with the extra material after project completion
  • The material manager makes decisions on distributing the material to each department of the project.
  • They look for the best options through market research.

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Importance of material management

Timely completion of the project

Construction projects depend highly on the available resources and materials to complete. If the material for the construction is not enough, the project will delay. The delay in a construction project means high construction project completion cost.  Making material available all the time will not stop the activities of the project. The availability of perfect material will help get the tasks done in a minimum time or before the project’s end date.

Low wastage ratio

Material management is all about buying material according to your need, not less, not too much. It will help in the low wastage ratio of the material on the construction site. If the managers do not carry out proper planning, there will be extra work on the construction site due to additional waste material. By the end of the construction project, the workers remove all the waste material from the site. If you do not purchase the material after planning and according to your requirement, you have to do extra hours of effort to clean all the waste from the site.

Inexpensive purchase of material

Material management help reduce the cost of purchasing the project. The cost to bring the material from the manufacturer to the construction site will be one time if the planning to buy the project material is adequate.

If there is no proper planning on the material purchase, the costs will be double, and the construction project’s value will exceed the budget.

High-quality material

Proper research and planning will result in getting high-quality material for the project to complete. The material manager also checks that the material available has a perfect quality and necessary precautionary measures are available to retain the material’s quality.

What are the objectives of material management?

The primary objective of material management is to construct construction material when in need and make the construction project complete on time. Those projects which do not care about material management always face project delays and high costs to complete the project.

The delays in the project and extra use of budget cause disputes and conflicts. To avoid and resolve such disputes because of material mismanagement; construction claims consultants in Dubai will be your companion to deal with the disputes.

Another primary objective of material management is to provide the material at affordable rates. Proper planning and market research will help material managers to reach a reasonable seller finally.

How to improve material management?

Material management has now become more comfortable with technology. The inventory and stock can be easily managed by looking at its availability in an organization’s database systems. Also, hiring people who have experience in doing such tasks will be beneficial for the project. A lot of companies and consultancies are offering material management services to help people in managing their material.