Tips for backpacking, How to Pack Light

In this reading, we’re going to give you our 10 best tips for backpacking. What to pack is a mess to deal with when you travel. We’ve been traveling for almost 5 years now and we’ve traveled around the world and in a lot of different situations. It hasn’t always been easy but we have learned a lot along the way.

We are giving you our 10 backpacking tips for packing so that you can travel light, save money, make your trip easier, and more comfortable.

We create kind of a capsule and our ultralight backpacking tips apply to both men and women. Sometimes it is better to carry less for backpacking trips to experience great. If you find that you’re missing something you can always pick it up where you are.

Best Tips For Backpacking Trip In 2020

Backpack clothing tips

hiking clothing essentials

There are different outfit combinations for different situations. It is easy to get carried away the clothing but what is right for your outdoor trip is a bit confusing. For minimalist wardrobe, you should choose pieces that are all in the same color scheme and all in a similar style.  So, that you can layer them and create all of the outfits from the same pieces.

Here is example tips for backpacking Trip for clothing should look like.

I pretty much only buy gray t-shirts and then I’ll bring usually a light cardigan and a hoodie on top.  On the bottom, I will have a pair of jeans, a pair of tights that I can wear on their own or under the jeans, and a pair of shorts that can wear if it gets hot. These all pieces are interchangeable for men and women.

Water bottles and hydration system

water bottles for hiking

Drinking enough water is critical and when you are on a hike, travel, or adventure it becomes a more imperative factor. Proper hydration not only boosts energy levels but keeps working muscles active and hydrated all day long.

Just like the clothes, the hydration system differed according to your requirements. When you went to Central America or Asia and used to buy a lot of bottled water. Eventually, you had carried an excessive amount of plastic and felt really bad about it.

It can cost you more, cover more space and also advanced the weight. So what should you do? You should get yourself with a really small portable water purifier just like the SteriPen water purifier.  There are also some water bottles available with water purification features.

Books and travel guides essentials

hiking guides and maps

If you are beginner travelers or hikers often overestimate what kind of book you should pack in your backpack. You might bring a big travel journal, a guide book, some travel guide and a couple of novels. As a result of all this, our travel becomes more inconvenient and it takes up space for other essential items for travel.

What you have to do?

We are trying to lighten the coverage space and downsize the load capacity with some simple but effective changes. You can bring some small size journals, some maps, and I pad or smartphone for travel guides and to read eBooks.

What if you cannot read while you are in a car then audiobooks are an effective way.

Hand washes and wet wipes

hiking cleaning gears

Exploring alternatives for staying clean on the go is also very important. We have a few really simple things that we use and work really well for us. One of our favorite things is the laundry soap bar to wash clothes by hand.

When you are on a day hike a lightweight backpack stores enough items to spend the whole day. Other multiday travel or weekend hikes it saves lots of our money and time because you do not have to visit the laundry to wash clothes.

The other thing you should carry with you in your backpack trip is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is in the shape of powder and you can use it for washing your hands and face or when you take shower around. It works very well you just put it in your hand, mix it around your hair and feel fresh.

The third thing is wet wipes because you don’t have to carry a container and wet wipes are a better alternative for that.

Take care of Travel Documents

travel document essentials

If you’re traveling outside the country you’re obviously going to need your passport and you’re going to need to take really good care of it.

When you are in another country it is very expensive to get a new one so protect it from water damages or being stolen.

You can use a travel pouch to carry it while traveling or keep it in a zip lock bag. It might get some extra cost but nothing if compares to water damages.

Travel food essentials

hiking food essentials

On a train station, at the airport or any tourist place, the food items are overpriced. When you are far from home in between the woods or trail on mountains there is no place for getting the food items.

It is important to check out different guidelines and reviews which likable food items you should carry for your trip.

When it comes to select the food essentials for travel or hike we are usually trying to bring out some lightweight and less bulky food items. Some nuts, snacks and packing foods are better, lightweight and healthy food items.

Best camera for vlogging

best camera for vlogging

It is not possible to carry a bulky digital camera bag with all accessories for recording videos and capturing pictures. In our backpacking tips for packing of the digital camera, we suggest carrying a little point and shoot digital camera.

Because of some defined reasons for better speed for clicking images, lighter in weight and smaller in size will give convenience you to carry with you.

Flashlights or emergency lights

best flashlight for hiking

Another thing that should carry out in a backpack while traveling around is a flashlight or emergency light. They will become handy in case we lose one or the other.

The headlamps are actually pretty fantastic little lamps and made from a lithium-ion battery that’s USB rechargeable.

Try to bring reusable items

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You should try to be aware of the waste that might be created when traveling or hiking to far places.

As traveling is already putting a pretty big footprint on the earth so try to reduce it as much as possible. If you used to travel with reusable items all the time it will reduce the damaged capacity of bottles, plastic, and garbage.

Try to bring your own coffee mugs, water bottle, cutlery, and reusable food containers. Also, bring some sort of shopping bags with you to pick the food containers and garbage for a safer place on the go.

DIY health kit

best first aid hiking kit

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re traveling is getting sick. It’s terrible because you are not at home and it is not comfortable. Keep in mind that this is not medical advice.

If you’re going to take any of these make sure you talk to your doctor. So try to get all the sleep that needed and go to eat really well.

But if something does happen you must have a little bit of a health/medical kit that can use to make yourself b better on the go.