Travel guide to San Francisco: How to spend 48 hours

You will be amazed at the number when you go through a travel guide to San Francisco how you can spend 48 hours by doing some activities that you can appreciate! While 24 hours in San Francisco might be somewhat less, 48 hours can be bounty whenever used well. On the off chance that you’ve never been to the city, you will locate our 48-hour make a trip manual for San Francisco unbelievably helpful. 

We will show you why you don’t require 72 hours in San Francisco and how 48 hours can be all that anyone could need! You can look at top attractions, for example, the San Francisco 49ers, the Golden Gate Bridge, and significantly more in only 48 hours in San Francisco.

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travel guide to San Francisco

Travel guide to San Francisco: First What to do in 48 Hours: 

Our travel guide for san francisco will prove useful, regardless of whether you are at a systematic gateway or unrestrained outing on flights a minute earlier. It is one of the top US urban areas to visit in any season. Check out the activities recorded below for a portion of the best 48 hours in San Francisco!

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Let’s Begin Day 1: 

How about we start with Morning: 

To begin your 48 hours in San Francisco in a marvelous way, have a stomach-loaded with heavenly breakfast. You will discover a lot of alternatives at the Ship Building Commercial center. From divine cheeses and bread to lip-smacking confectionaries and pizzas, this is the place where you will locate the absolute best of San Francisco food! The Rancher’s Market is determined to Saturdays and is a gigantic draw. You can utilize under 36 hours in San Francisco to investigate this! 

Explore Some Places In Afternoon: 

What could be superior to a casual walk around a good breakfast? Head toward the astounding Crissy Field. Here, you will discover surprising perspectives on top attractions like the Brilliant Door Extension and Alcatraz. Visit whichever takes your extravagant to commence touring during your 48 hours in San Francisco. The Span is an incredible spot to snatch a cool one and a delectable bit of food after the visit. 

Enjoy Your Evening: 

Take the Free Love Visit for a casual time post-lunch. This is probably the most ideal approach to go through 48 hours in San Francisco for music sweethearts visiting on business class flights. The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood visit will ship you back to the 1960s when hipsters started moving into town. Appreciate the account tunes and beautiful scene while finding out about the Midyear of Affection! 

Take Some Meal At Night: 

So how would you wrap up day 1 after you’ve delighted in the absolute best attractions San Francisco has to bring to the table? By visiting the Tonga Room obviously! The Mai Tai is their tasty mark drink and an absolute necessity attempt. Being tropical-themed, you can hope to appreciate ancestral embellishments, tiki cottages, and other wonderful things at the spot. 

Day 2: 

Next-Day Morning: 

Eat at your lodging to spare more opportunity for touring on your second and last day in San Francisco. The main thing to see on day 2 of your 48 hours in San Francisco California is the Historical center of Current Craftsmanship. 

The best culture trip San Francisco has to bring to the table, this will take up an enormous portion of your early daytime inferable from the sheer number of shows. To cool off between investigating displays, you can get a baked good and some espresso at the third-floor bistro. 

Visit The Museum At Afternoon

Investigating the San Francisco Museum of Present-day Workmanship will no uncertainty leave you depleted. You should re-empower yourself before your Afternoon meeting of touring. For lunch, head over to Nopalito which offers you probably the best Mexican food in San Francisco. 

Else, you could likewise visit Chinatown for scrumptious Chinese dishes. Post lunch, you can uncover the nature sweetheart in you and investigate the Greenhouses. This will be a loosening up approach to go through 48 hours in San Francisco after a weighty lunch. 

Spend your Evening At National Park : 

Investigate the Presidio National Park. This is among the greatest attractions to investigate when going through 48 hours in San Francisco. From renovated memorable structures and unusual establishments to dynamite climbing trails, there is a great deal of things to appreciate here. With scores of food trucks arranged, the Lattice Presidio Cookout is the principal fascination. 

Last Night: 

Your last night in San Francisco should be uncommon to make the excursion an important one. To adjust your 48 hours in San Francisco, eat on a Hornblower Supper Journey. Canyon on delightful food while getting a charge out of amazing perspectives on the staggering shoreline. You can make a beeline for the deck between heavenly courses to take sees. Likewise, you can depression to the music beats played by a live band while you feast. 


With this well managed travel guide for san francisco, you can spend the most astounding 48 hours in San Francisco! Your modest trips to the USA for a San Francisco outing will be certainly justified regardless of the cash.

You can also save your cash in traveling if you book your spirit airlines reservations with offers. Explore the same number of the previously mentioned attractions inside 48 hours in San Francisco California as you can! Appreciate the best ever two days in San Francisco. Do return to cover the excess attractions on another excursion!